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It’s time for the evolution of the Axion auction system. It’s time to upgrade the auctions with a new system that fits into the ethos of Axion. It’s time… for the Axion Accelerator.
Axion Accelerator
Axion Accelerator
Axion Accelerator


Launched September 1st 2021

The future of staking is here.

Up to 47% APY in AXN + daily bitcoin dividends you can spend any time. Accelerate your crypto with the Axion Accelerator and get in while the accelerator bonus lasts!

What is the Accelerator?

Simply put, the Accelerator is a way for users to buy and stake $AXN in a single transaction, saving users gas fees compared to buying on SushiSwap and then staking separately.

It also offers up to a 20.8% bonus compared to buying on the market, plus up to 305% additional shares!

Whilst doing the above, it also generates bitcoin dividends for our stakers, and forms part of our deflationary measures by buying back AXN from SushiSwap and instantly burning it, leading to an increasing price.

But wait, what IS Axion?

Axion is a staking token on the Ethereum network, think of it as a certificate of deposit but on the blockchain.

Not only does it pay a high rate of interest in $AXN (8% APY), but it also rewards stakers with liquid dividends in the form of wBTC. This generates up to 47% APY on your stake as a whole, plus the appreciating value of both $AXN and Bitcoin! By staking for the max duration, you also get access to exclusive Airdrops from new and upcoming projects via Axion Launch

Many of our users see it as a nice way to automatically dollar-cost average into Bitcoin, over a long period of time, whilst also benefiting from an asset which has the potential to vastly outperform BTC itself.

How about some statistics?





Total Amount Staked
(258b AXN)


Total Amount Staked
for 15 years (148b)


Bitcoin Paid to Stakers
(That's $

$0.000354 USD

Todays Price
Thats a circulating market cap of $35,986,087 USD


Burned since September 1st 2021
That's 7.03% of our circulating supply burned in the last 35 days!

How much could I earn?

Deposit Amount: $10,000 USD

Staking Duration: 2,222 days

Future Price: $

Value at Maturity:


Plus liquid wBTC dividends (Yearly):


The price of the AXN token will flucuate, changing the value of your stake. If AXN does 100x, your stake will be worth 100x more at maturity. Liquid Dividends can be withdrawn at any time. Staking earlier pays more than staking later.

This calculator is for information and reference purposes only. The rates presented above are not guaranteed and can change at any time. Use of this calculator is not to be considered financial advice.*

Where could Axion be in a year?

Return Price Market cap Weekly BTC Payouts
1x $0.0001 $12,257,000 ~$70,000
5x $0.0005 $61,285,000 ~$350,000
10x $0.0010 $122,570,000 ~$700,000
20x $0.0020
$245,140,000 ~$1,400,000
50x $0.0050
$612,850,000 ~$3,500,000
100x $0.0100
$1,225,700,000 ~$7,000,000

Frequently asked questions

The Accelerator is Axion’s newest product, which supersedes the original Auction system. The Accelerator operates under a whole new paradigm, taking the best of the Auction system but making it cheaper, faster, and far more simple to explain.

Do I really get a better price than buying on the market?

Yes - By buying in the Accelerator, you get a flat 5% discount compared to the market price (Sushiswap). 
On top of that, you get an additional 1-15% more AXN based on staking duration, as long as there is enough bonus allowance remaining.

All is explained on the page when you enter how much you want to spend and how long you wish to stake for.

Is there a minimum staking period?

Yes, there is a minimum stake of 60 days required for all Accelerator purchases.  You can stake up to 5555 days (15.2 years).  
The longer you stake, the more shares you get. The more shares you have, the more wBTC dividends you will earn!

What is Staking?

Axion offers a first-of-its-kind blockchain-powered venture fund alongside high-interest time-locked savings deposits which earn investors a high interest of 8% plus additional dividends. Many of our stakers are earning over 40% APY.

Using the staking platform, users can lock up their Axion in exchange for shares which will earn dividends over time. The staking contract temporarily burns AXN in return for shares. Shares in the Axion ecosystem are the most valuable asset as they determine the payouts drawn from reward, investment, and dividend pools.

Why is this better than the old auctions?

The new Accelerator has many advantages over the old-style auctions. To name a few:

  • Buy & stake in the same transaction - no longer do you need to make two transactions to bid and then stake, no more waiting 24 hours!
  • Cheaper transaction fees compared to the two transactions.
  • Buy with new coin types, no longer only accepts ETH.
  • Get an instant price of AXN - no more waiting to find out what the final price is! Get a 5% discount from the market price plus additional bonuses.
  • Easier to explain to new users.
  • Easier to market.
Why is the gas fee so high?

When buying into the Accelerator, your transaction needs to do many things with the tokens that you are spending;

  • Part is used to buy wBTC to distribute to stakers
  • Part is used to buyback AXN from Uniswap and burn it, adding to our deflation
  • Part is sent to the foundation for running costs.  
  • It then takes the AXN you have purchased and creates a stake based on your staking duration.

This means the transaction requires a lot of 'gas', making the transaction quite expensive.  With a gas price of around 70 GWEI, the transaction will cost around $130-140. 

This transaction cost is 42% cheaper than the old auctions, where you had to do two transactions to Bid and then Stake the next day.

It may still seem high, but the discount and additional bonuses you receive more than make up for the cost of the transaction.  

It's worth noting you only pay around 60-70% of that estimate that Metamask gives you, which is always overinflated. It's best to wait for low gas prices before entering the accelerator.  See for details. 

What tokens are accepted?

We now accept Ethereum (ETH), USDC, DAI Stablecoin, Wrapped Bitcoin (wBTC), Shiba (SHIB) and BAT (Basic Attention Token).

The gas fee may vary slightly depending on the token used to buy. Purchasing with ETH and wBTC will be the cheapest options, but all get you AXN at the same rate.

What happens when the bonus runs out?

Once the bonus allocation for the 24 hour period has been expended, new buyers will only get the 7% discount, but not the 6-20% bonus. 

Users can wait until the next day when the accelerator resets (around 07:20 UTC) to buy with the bonus.

Where can I get help?

You can use our live support by pressing the HELP icon at the bottom right of this page or join our Discord community at