Axion Launch presents:

Luxy - Next generation NFT marketplace

IDO Launch + Axion Genesis NFT!

Pledging starts November 23rd
Token launches November 30th
Tokens distributed December 1st

Axion Launch - Exclusive access to presales and IDOs

IDO Launch Allocation (USD)


Available LUXY tokens


IDO Token price:


The next generation NFT marketplace is about to launch, and you have a chance to get in on it early!

The first Axion Launch on Polygon is here and it's an amazing opportunity for our stakers to get in on the next generation of NFT marketplaces!

Imagine being able to invest in OpenSea before it grew big. This is LUXY. 

LUXY is making the best NFT Platform available to everyone with its NFT marketplace launching on Polygon with more chains to shortly follow. LUXY will make it so artists, collectors, galleries, and NFT enthusiasts can enjoy and support each other's creativity. Features include:

Tokenize your unique creations
Create your own Collection for 1/1 creations using the ERC-721 standard.

Create multiple assets for your games
LUXY will allow you to create your 1/x multiple assets with the ERC-1155 standard.

Set Collaborative Royalties
Add more than one address to receive royalties from secondary sales on the NFT Marketplace

Compatible with most file types
From pictures, gifs, videos, 3D, and even PDFs!

Lower fees
LUXY standard fees are 2% on the buyer and 2% on the seller

The LUXY NFT marketplace is built with community artists in mind, making NFTs accessible to everyone while keeping fees low. From selling your NFT creations and receiving royalties, to enjoying benefits of multiple chains and cross-platform NFT sales, including verifiable NFT custody, LUXY is primed and ready to bring a next-gen NFT marketplace to the crypto world.

And with a fully-doxxed and world-class team, the Axion community can invest with confidence, knowing this is a project built to grow with the same long-term outlook as Axion.

All IDO participants of $50 or more will also get minted an exclusive Axion Genesis NFT on LUXY!

LUXY Investor Brief

How do I participate in the launch?

Axion has exclusive access to a $100,000 USD allocation of LUXY tokens (1.25M tokens). This will be a first-come, first-serve launch using Axion's new Pledge Engine. Once the allocation is gone, it's gone!

In order to qualify for an allocation, you must have at least one active stake of 1,000,000 AXN or more, for at least 350 days.

Please make sure you understand the terms of this Launch before you apply.

On Tuesday, November 23rd, 2021 at 1900UTC, the Axion Staking Portal will open for LUXY Pledges. You must have the amount you wish to pledge in USDC available, ready to submit your transaction. You can pledge any amount up to the maximum allocation that you qualify for. Once you have submitted your USDC, your place is reserved, and you will see your pledge amount in the Launch section of the Staking Portal.

Once the $100,000 allocation fills up, that's it! The Launch will be closed. So make sure you're ready to go with your USDC when the Launch goes live. No other token will be allowed in the Pledge Engine.


Launch Allocation Information

This is a tiered Axion Launch, meaning that different elements in our ecosystem contribute to the maximum allocation amount. Each different qualifier adds an extra amount to your total allocation. You can only pledge for the maximum allocation that you are eligible for using the Pledge Engine.  All pledge wallets must have one active stake containing at least 1M AXN for a minimum of 350 days to qualify for this launch. This does not need to be a new stake.

Basic Allocation

625 $LUXY Tokens / $50 USD

Requirements: Must have an active stake with at least 1M AXN staked at least 350 days.

Max Stakers (5555)

1,250 $LUXY Tokens / $100 USD

Requirements: Must have an active stake with at least 1M AXN staked 5555 days.

+ Additional 625 $LUXY Tokens / $50 USD

Requirements: Must have the OG-POLYGON NFT in your wallet.

+ Additional 1,250 $LUXY Tokens / $100 USD

Requirements: Must have the OG-5555 NFT in your wallet.

For each qualifying allocation bonus, your maximum allocation amount will increase. For example:

  • A wallet with 1 Max Stake will qualify for $100.
  • A wallet with 1 Max Stake AND the OG-POLYGON NFT will qualify for $150.
  • A wallet with a ~3 year stake AND the OG-5555 NFT will qualify for $150.
  • A wallet with a Max Stake, an OG-POLYGON NFT AND a OG-5555 NFT will qualify for the maximum allocation of $250.

You cannot pledge for more than one allocation per wallet. If you pledge under the maximum allocation allowed for your wallet, and want to add more funds to your pledge at a later time, you can do so as long as the launch is still active and still has available funds.

Launch Timeline

Monday, Nov. 15th


Tuesday, Nov. 23rd

Pledges Begin


Monday, Nov. 29th

Pledges End

(or when allocation is filled)

Wednesday, Dec 01

LUXY Launch on SushiSwap

Tokens claimable



Genesis NFT minted

Exclusive Axion-branded NFT on LUXY
for pledges of $50 or more

Not sure how to get qualified?

The above IDO requires that you have purchased at least 1M AXN tokens and staked it for at least 350 days. If you do not currently qualify but want to get in on this exclusive Launch, there are two ways to do it:

You can either buy and stake AXN in a single transaction using the Axion Accelerator (which offers a bonus on your tokens), or you can take liquid AXN and stake it for 350 days or 5555 days, depending on the tier you'd like to qualify for.

Use the buttons below to learn how to buy AXN, and learn how to stake.  If you run into any problems, simply use our live chat service at the bottom right of this page where our 24/7 support team can assist you.

Luxy - NFT marketplace on Polygon, launched by Axion Launch