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How should Axion pay for the V3 Audit?

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The community must now vote on how to pay for the Axion v3 Audit. For more information about the Audit itself, including reasons for why an audit should be performed, please visit this page. There are multiple options and combinations of options to pay for this audit. The intent of this vote is to determine the community's most prominent option, though the ending result may be a combination of options. In this vote, you will choose the option...
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Should Axion V3 be audited?

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The purpose of this DAO vote is to determine whether Axion should initiate an Audit of the v3 code before launch, and how it should pay for it. The Axion v3 code is a complete rewrite of the entire Axion ecosystem, and is truly a technological achievement that makes Axion’s smart contracts leaps and bounds ahead of any other staking token on the market. Axion v3 will result in significantly reduced gas fees (thus cheaper transactions) for all ...

Reallocation of auction funds

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As per the last update from the founder, we now have 15% of the regular auction funds available to do as we choose as a community. This DAO vote is to decide what we do with that ETH. The amount generated, at current price valuations is approximately $60,000. Over the course of three Town Halls, the community has identified and selected two clear options; Use for team salaries instead of paying in AXN, or use to boost Marketing over the next ...

Balancing Axion Auctions

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Based on multiple town hall discussions in the Axion Discord, the community has agreed that the current auctions are unbalanced, leading to inequality in economic benefit.Bidding in the regular auction without a referral yields the least benefit, bidding with a self-referral yield the largest. Those users repeatedly self-referring into the auctions were abusing the referral system, making it less beneficial for community members to build usefu...

Auction Token Distribution

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This vote is to determine whether to change the current auction structure or keep it the same. Voting options vary in the number of Venture Capital v. Regular Auctions and the overall value of each auction. This vote presents three options:Option 1 - Add 100MM to Regular Auctions WeeklyMove to four (4) VCA’s and three (3) Regular Auctions per week.In this scenario, Venture Capital Auctions would occur four (4) days a week, with each VCA offeri...