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By staking $AXN, you can earn 8% APR interest in addition to liquid bitcoin rewards, yielding a potential 47% return.

This calculator is for information and reference purposes only. The rates presented are not guaranteed and can change at any time. Use of this calculator is not to be considered financial advice.*

The price of the AXN token will fluctuate, changing the value of your stake. If AXN does 100x, your staked AXN plus interest will be worth 100x more at maturity, plus bitcoin rewards. Liquid Bitcoin Rewards can be withdrawn at any time. Staking earlier pays more than staking later thanks to the ever increasing global share rate.

AXN Staking Calculator**

Deposit Amount: $10,000 USD

Staking Duration: 2,580 days

Future Price: $

Value at Maturity:


Earn Potential Bonus Stakes!

Each and every investment via the Accelerator comes with a 1 in 25 chance of winning up to an additional 10X!

As well as purchasing AXN at a discount via the Accelerator, you will also recieve a 'Particles NFT' containing between 1x and 10x your initial investment as a bonus.

Axion Collider - Win up to 50,000,000 AXN

Win up to 50m AXN ($100)

Collider Attempts: 9,236

Win/Lose: 349/8,887 (3.93% win rate)

Amount Won: 3,096,917,200 AXN ($6,193)

Take a look at the numbers

A huge amount of AXN has already been staked and locked up for 5555 days (15.2 years).
Total Amount
Staked (260bn)
Total Amount Staked
for 15 years (168bn)
Circulating Supply: 107bn
Total Supply: 367bn
Bitcoin Paid
to Stakers

Number of
Active Wallets

Your investment, totally secure

Axion is bringing integrity to decentralized finance with our highly secure and fully audited Smart Contracts so your investment future is as secure as Axion itself
Audits completed by:
Audited by Certik
Audited by Hacken
Audited by Solidity
Audited by Halborn

Access Exclusive Token Launches and Airdrops

Axion Launch is a state-of-the-art launchpad on the Polygon, Ethereum, and Binance Smart Chains. It gives access to exclusive Presales, IDO's, IEO's and airdrops just for our community.

Powered by the community

Join one of crypto’s most devoted and passionate communities, where your voice is heard and you get to help shape the future of Axion.
  • Vote on new proposals with Axion’s DAO voting system, available for shareholders staked over 5 years.

  • Explore the fundamentals of Axion & crypto with our extensive Knowledge base.

  • Watch and join exciting live shows with Axion Verified Partners each week.

Axion in the news

  • Benzinga

    On October 19th, the Axion development team paused the Ethereum contract and over the course of six hours transferred over $1.5M in Bitcoin, $1.2M in Ethereum, and the entire staking ecosystem data to the Polygon network, restoring the entire project in perfect sync. All of Axion’s stakes were upgraded to Axion v3, one of the most efficient and capable staking smart contract codes on the market today. 

    - Benzinga
  • News BTC

    It’s been just over a year since Axion launched, revolutionizing the crypto income investing space with its high APR (up to 47%) and daily liquid Bitcoin [rewards]. Since its launch, Axion has evolved significantly, making big changes and major additions to its offerings; expanding its utility beyond just a staking token into a fully-featured staking ecosystem.

    - News BTC
  • Cryptonews
    Right now, Axion is using its successful migration to the Polygon blockchain as a springboard for more innovation. Using the new functionality available to them, they've already added a few notable features to their staking system. The first is the ability for users to split their stakes to exercise greater control over their investments. On top of that, users can now name each stake and have that information recorded on the blockchain. But it's another major upcoming feature that Axion expects to have the greatest impact.
    - Cryptonews
  • Forbes
    But where there's uncertainty, there's opportunity. Consider Axion, for example. It's a crypto-alternative to a traditional certificate of deposit (CD) account that promises to offer a steady 8% inflation-based return. It's an idea that bridges the gap between mainstream investors and the world of cryptocurrency.
    - Forbes
  • Business Insider
    The way Axion works is brilliant in its simplicity... Axion doesn't suffer from the same kind of mass-selloff volatility that tends to be associated with conventional cryptocurrencies. And to top it off, the system provides an escalating bonus system that pays additional rewards for long-term stakeholders. In other words, the longer you remain invested, the more you earn.
    - Business Insider
  • ZeroHedge
    The reason that banks being able to accommodate crypto-assets is such a big deal is that it is also happening at a time when investors now have several new options to use cryptocurrencies as investment vehicles, other than speculative direct purchases. A prime example of it is... Axion, which brings a whole new approach to crypto as a savings vehicle.
    - ZeroHedge
  • MarketWatch
    Having an investment vehicle that is staked for many years adds a lot to the stability of our Axion token and the greater the adoption the greater value Axion will gain over the years… all while earning high interest and [rewards] through Venture Capital Auctions for investors.
    - MarketWatch
  • Hacker Noon
    Best of all, the system is transparent, scalable, and built to serve average investors – and not the big cryptocurrency holders that control the major markets. In short, it's a cryptocurrency for real people. And before long, we expect that Axion is going to start to fulfill the promise that cryptocurrency's biggest champions have always envisioned – a currency untethered from the machinations of governments and the moneyed class that can tip the wealth scales back in favor of the little guy for a change.
    - Hacker Noon
  • Bitcoin.com
    That’s what sets Axion apart from other crypto investments – the fact that it stands a good chance of attracting new investors who may have been hesitant to try their hand in the crypto market before. It offers everything mainstream investors have come to expect from income-producing investment vehicles, and does so at a rate of return that hasn’t been available to them in decades. Together that should make Axion a value proposition that no investor can afford to ignore.
    - Bitcoin.com
  • By the day of the main network launch, Axion will have established itself as the premier cryptocurrency investment vehicle for income investors – poised to deliver reliably high returns for years to come that are unmatched by any other traditional investment method.
    - Yahoo Finance


    All your questions about Axion answered
    • Is Axion a safe investment?

      Whether you’re new to cryptocurrencies or a seasoned veteran, it’s always important to ask about the safety of your investment. Any investor, especially in the cryptocurrency world, should never invest more than they can afford to lose. That being said, when investing in any platform, there are ways to minimize risk by knowing the quality of your investment product. Axion prides itself in the stability of its economy, the security of its code, and the dependability of its community. Over 12,000 investors have chosen Axion, 75% of the supply is staked, ~50% of which is for 15 years - a first in crypto! This kind of dedication to the long-term viability of Axion creates a massively safe investment platform over other cryptocurrencies.

      For an in-depth look into the safety of our ecosystem, check out our Knowledgebase article here: https://support.axion.network/en/articles/5038892-is-axion-a-safe-investment

      Where and how do I buy Axion?

      The best place to buy Axion is on our Auction platform, where you can get an automatic 10% discount compared to buying on the market. Once the daily auction ends, you can stake your AXN to get all the benefits of our incredible ecosystem. AXN is also available on Uniswap if you’d like to buy on the exchange.

      For an in-depth breakdown on how to buy Axion (including your first wallet if you’re brand new to crypto) visit our Knowledge Base article on getting started here: https://support.axion.network/en/articles/5033702-where-and-how-do-i-buy-axion

      How can I get support?

      Axion offers a best-in-class support network and incredible Knowledge Base all through our Support Portal! Whether you need help getting started, or have a technical issue with your wallet, or want to get in touch with the Axion team, just click on the blue “Help” button on the bottom right corner of this page and start a chat with our dedicated support team.

      You can also visit https://support.axion.network and find useful articles on everything Axion.

      How do I set up a crypto wallet?

      To interact with the Axion ecosystem (and the cryptocurrency world at large) you’ll need an Ethereum wallet. We recommend MetaMask but support others too. When you create a wallet, it will generate a unique seed phrase (which you should never take a picture of on your phone or share with anyone, ever!) and a public wallet address. This public address is what you will use to buy, sell, stake, and unstake your Axion investment.

      For more information on setting up a MetaMask wallet, visit our knowledgebase article here: https://support.axion.network/en/articles/5033985-tutorial-setting-up-metamask

      Or for a list of all the supported wallets: https://support.axion.network/en/articles/5253370-which-wallets-can-i-use-with-axion

      Is Axion available on a major cryptocurrency exchange?

      Currently, Axion is available via our platform and on ApeSwap via the official Axion contract.

      Future exchange listings will be announced as Axion grows! For more information, visit our Knowledge Base article here:https://support.axion.network/en/articles/5039090-does-axion-plan-to-be-listed-on-any-major-exchanges

    • What does ‘staking’ mean?

      Staking is the process by which you lock your investment away for a period of time and earn interest paid in AXN. Similar to a Certificate of Deposit account at a traditional bank, your investment is secured within the Axion Smart Contract, where you exchange your AXN for Shares. The longer the term of your investment, the greater the number of shares you will receive, summarized simply as Longer Pays Better. You can stake your AXN from a minimum of 1 day up to 5555 days (or 15.22 years!). When your AXN is staked, you are actively earning interest and liquid Bitcoin rewards. When the term of your stake ends, you can withdraw your staked AXN.

      For more information about staking, visit our Knowledge Base article here: https://support.axion.network/staking/staking-portal

      How long should I stake?

      The term length for your stake determines the amount of shares that you will receive off your investment. How long you want to stake is just as important as how much you want to stake. Axion’s token ‘Max Shares’ stakes are 15.22 years (or 5555 days) long, and they provide a massive bonus in the shares you will receive. Of course, this means your investment is locked away for 15 years. But thanks to the Venture Capital Auctions (VCAs) you will receive liquid bitcoin rewards proportional to your shares so you can earn passive income while your principal investment grows. With the calculator available at https://calc.axion.network you can easily estimate the potential growth and returns of your investment, keeping in mind that the calculator does not provide guaranteed results.

      For more information about how to use the calculator, visit our Knowledge Base article here: https://support.axion.network/staking/staking-portal/estimate-your-staking-returns

      Can I access or spend my AXN when it is staked?

      When you stake your AXN, you are effectively removing the AXN from circulation and replacing it with Shares that are proportional to your investment (based on amount and length of your stake). Thus, there is no AXN for you to access or spend. If you want to keep your AXN spendable (this is commonly referred to as ‘liquid AXN’) then you should not stake, or you should only stake part of your available AXN. Keep in mind that any unstaked AXN does not get to participate in what makes Axion great, such as its DAO voting system, Bitcoin rewards, 8% APY growth in AXN, Axion Launches, etc. Staked Axion is Axion that is growing!

      To get started with Staking, be sure to check out our Knowledge Base article: https://support.axion.network/staking/staking-portal/create-a-new-stake

      What if I want to withdraw my stake early?

      In order to protect the integrity of the overall Axion ecosystem, all early withdrawals are subject to a penalty proportionate to the completed term. This penalty incentivizes all stakers to keep their Axion secure for the duration of the term, providing stability to the ecosystem. If you are 35% of the way through your term, then you would only get 35% of your AXN (principal + interest) back, with 65% of your AXN penalized. All penalized AXN is sent to the next daily auction to be bought by bidders.

      For more information about early withdrawals, check out our Knowledge base article: https://support.axion.network/staking/staking-portal/early-unstakes

    • What are the Auctions?

      Although the word auction may sound like something that you would expect to find at a bidding site, they are merely the way that Axion maintains and grows its ecosystem. When an investor bids into the Auction, they are able to acquire AXN at a discounted rate when compared to buying at the market rate (via SushiSwap). Currently, when you buy in the Auction you get a % more AXN, and during special events, these bonuses can increase significantly. Depending on the auction, a percentage of the proceeds of the auction go to paying Axion shareholders in AXN or wBTC rewards, respectively. This is what provides growth for all shareholders.

      There are two types: Regular and Venture Capital. To learn more about these auctions and the differences, click here: https://support.axion.network/en/articles/5031692-what-are-the-auctions

      What is the ‘Regular’ Auction?

      On Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays we hold our regular auctions. In each, there are currently 200,000,000 (200m) AXN available for sale. People bid Ethereum (ETH) into the auction to win a share of AXN at a discounted rate compared to buying on the market (Uniswap).

      These auctions also buy back AXN from the market, which is distributed to our stakers as dividends. Read More about the Regular auction

      What is the ‘Venture Capital’ Auction?

      Venture Capital Auctions are the mechanism by which liquid bitcoin dividends are possible. On Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays we hold a VCA. In each auction, there are currently 500,000,000 (500m) AXN available for sale. People bid Ethereum (ETH) into the auction to win a share of AXN at a discounted rate compared to buying on the market (Uniswap).

      These auctions also buy wrapped Bitcoin (wBTC) from the market, which is distributed to our stakers as VCA dividends. Read More about the Venture Capital auction

    • Why does Axion vote?

      Axion is a community-driven project, which means that it places a huge emphasis on its shareholders as they are the foundation of Axion itself. Instead of letting an internal team decide on major decisions, the community can vote on the changes first.

      What sort of things does the Axion community vote on?

      The community will get the chance to vote on upcoming events, auction caps and distribution and changes to the team amongst other things.

      What is a DAO?

      DAO is an acronym of 'Decentralized Autonomous Organization'. This is a group of people or organizations that are unified in purpose such that they act as one organizational body. This DAO allows Axion shareholders a chance to vote on prominent changes to the Axion ecosystem.

      Are there any requirements to vote?

      Votes are weighted by the number of shares the user holds, and only stakes with durations longer than one year count. Learn more about the DAO Voting system here: https://support.axion.network/en/collections/2892965-dao-voting

    • What is Discord?

      Discord is a free voice, video, and text chat app that's used by tens of millions of people to talk and hang out with their communities and friends. It’s the central hub of Axions’ community, where over 10,000 of our members are active.

      How can I join?

      You can join our ever-growing Discord community by clicking this link: https://discord.gg/axion

      Please note, our Discord may not be suitable for every investor, and we are not responsible for the content that our members post. That being said, it is moderated by a team of moderators.
      Are there any perks for being involved?

      Yes, not only can stakers of a certain amount of AXN get access to private chat groups, but users can also send and receive tips in AXN! Sometimes we run competitions on Discord, and prizes are given in real AXN tokens!

      Learn more about roles here: https://support.axion.network/en/articles/5113671-discord-role-verification

      Learn more about tipping here: https://support.axion.network/en/articles/5113709-discord-tipping