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Welcome to Axion!

You're moments away from starting your Axion journey, with all the benefits of being an Axion shareholder.

How to buy $AXN

Follow our Step-by-step guide to buying Axion
Step 1

You need a crypto wallet that works with Ethereum

We recommend MetaMask, but support 70 others!

Available as a browser extension and as a mobile app, MetaMask equips you with a key vault, a secure token wallet - everything you need to store the Axion token or other assets such as Ethereum or wrapped Bitcoin.
Metamask Crypto Wallet
Step 2

You need Ethereum(ETH) in order to buy Axion(AXN)

You can buy ETH with a debit/credit card directly inside many wallets, or on a Centralised Exchange (CEX) like Coinbase, Binance or Kraken, and then send it to your personal wallet.

Step 3

Now you're all set to buy Axion, but which method will you use?

AXN is available for purchase direct on Uniswap, or at a discounted rate in our daily Auctions for a 10-30% discount.

If buying in our auctions, you need to 'stake' your AXN for a minimum of 60 days. During this time you will receive interest, and dividends in both Axion and Bitcoin!

Buy from the Market

Axion is availble for purchase direct on Uniswap, a Decentralized Trading Protocol. The contract address for AXN is 0x71f85b2e46976bd21302b64329868fd15eb0d127

Buy from our Auctions

Get 10% more AXN (or 10% cashback in wBTC), plus from 6-20% additional AXN depending on how long you chose to stake for!

Step 4

Get Staked and put your money to work!

Not only do our stakers earn an absolute minimum of 8% APY (its much higher in reality), they also earn bitcoin dividends four times a week. These dividends are liquid, meaning they can be withdrawn and traded at any time!
Since March 12th 2021, we have paid out 165.2 Bitcoin to our stakers!
Get staked and put your money to work!

8% minimum APY in AXN earned daily

Earn over 15x the national average with Axion, built automatically into the Smart Contract system. Longer stakes yield additional higher returns through AXN distributed through our auction system.

Generate Passive Income with Bitcoin Divs

Our innovative dividend mechanisms provide shareholders with liquid Bitcoin rewards four times a week, distributed automatically and withdrawable at any time.

Exclusive Launches

With Axion Launch, Max Stakers get to enjoy the exclusive benefits of curated airdrops, fundraisers, IEOs & IDOs, perfect for our community of long-term crypto believers.

Blockchain Security & Continual Development

Your investments are safe and secure with our verified and independently-audited smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. And with an internal Dev team, cheaper gas fees and greater utility is always being developed.