The Axion Collider is here! Every time you buy AXN in the Accelerator, you'll earn a Particles NFT with a multiplier of your AXN. Then you can use your NFT in the new Collider for a chance to get a bonus stake with up to 10x multiplier! The Collider is now live on the Axion Staking Portal along with the new NFT Collection tab so you can see all your Axion NFTs in one place! This is just the beginning for all the new NFT functionality present in Axion.

Galaxy NFTs

The Long Awaited Axion Stake Galaxy NFTs Have Arrived!

Galaxy Stake NFTs

Galaxy NFTs make it possible for users to now move their stakes from soft wallets to Ledgers, sell them on Opensea, assign them to a new wallet, and possibly even leverage them as collateral in the near future.

Class: Utility
Function: Stake Management
Rarity: Varies
Status: Transferrable, Sellable
Network: Polygon
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48 Unique Galaxies

There are 48 unique galaxy videos, one of which will be assigned to your Galaxy NFT depending upon the amount of AXN and the duration of the stake.

Which one will you get?