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Polygon Migration now complete!

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Axions migration from Ethereum to the Polygon network is now complete!  Our previous contract address on Ethereum was 0x71f85b2e46976bd21302b64329868fd15eb0d127,  this contract is now permanently paused. Our new contract address on Polygon is 0x839f1a22a59eaaf26c85958712ab32f80fea23d9, and you can see the contract on PolygonScan here.   What do users need to do? For all users who had stakes, your staked AXN has been automatically migrated...

Axion OG-Polygon NFT

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You are a pioneer. A trailblazer. You embrace the unknown, arrive first at your destination. You are the OG. And now we have an NFT for you. The OGPOLYGON NFT is Axion's first UtilityClass NFT as a part of the future Axion NFT Ecosystem, coming in part thanks to the migration to Polygon. Find out about this exciting NFT here. You are a pioneer. You are a trailblazer. You embrace the unknown. You are the first to arrive. You are the OG. ...

Polygon Migration FAQ

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Learn everything you need to know about the upcoming migration in this video.  
axion august marketing and social media update

Axion Q3 Brand, Marketing and Project Update

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It has been a truly jam packed Q3, with the Axion project continuing to develop at a rapid pace. The team focused inward, pouring energy and attention into the project and its tokenomics, with careful detail being given to the parts of the ecosystem that needed to be refactored. In this presentation you'll find a recap of the Q3 project efforts, as well as a breakdown of the social media statistics, the community engagement survey results, the...

Halborn Audit results

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Exciting news for the Axion community as the Halborn audit is officially complete! In July, the Axion community joined the Development Team's desire to vote to audit the Axion v3 code, ensuring the stability, quality, security, and longevity of Axion for decades to come. Axion v3, for those who are unaware, represents a 100% brand new codebase written specifically for Axion by Axion's inhouse development team. It represents the most efficien...

Axion Supernova NFT

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The SUPERNOVA NFT is here, and it's just the tip of the iceberg for Axion's NFT plans and how it will play a pivotal role in the World's Best Staking Ecosystem. Harness the power of a Supernova with Axion's new NFT featuring some fun perks! The Supernova NFT enables a unique visual experience on Axion's Staking Portal, along with a dedicated Supernova tag on the Axion discord. There are two ways to acquire the Supernova NFT, find all the detai...
Axion and Nia Tolliver presents livestream, audit report and AMA

Introducing Nia Tolliver and Initial Audit Results Livestream

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This week’s live stream features an exclusive interview with Nia Tolliver, a US Rugby Olympian, and Axion’s first Brand Ambassador. We’ll also be announcing the results of the Your Axion Story, Better Way to Crypto, and Q2 User Survey winners, along with a quick look at the initial Halborn audit report.
Axion vote confirms the move to Polygon Matic chain network

Axion community votes to move to Polygon

| Votes
With an incredible 810 votes submitted (making this the largest official Vote enacted in the Axion ecosystem thus far), an overwhelming majority of the Axion community cast their vote to migrate our entire project over to the Polygon network. With over 95% of the vote going to YES, this now officially secures Axion's move and gives the development team the goahead and community support to enact the migration. In addition, the preliminary re...
Axion launching competition to create artwork for NFT

Win $250 with Axion's NFT art contest!

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Want your art to be immortalized in the Axion ecosystem forever? We're calling all artists to submit their artwork for Axion's new OGPOLYGON NFT that will launch when we migrate! The community will vote on which artwork they like best, and the winning art will feature as the background for this exclusive NFT. The selected winner will also get $250 in AXN and the NFT itself when we go live. Whether you are creating this art digitally in Photos...

Chain Migration AMA Live Stream

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Axion's announcement that we're moving to Polygon has been incredibly well received, both inside our community and out! Today we're answering all your questions, including updates on timing, exciting new features and more.