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Capping of Axion Auctions

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This vote is on whether to place a cap on the Regular and Venture Capital Auctions, and if so, at what value shall the cap be placed. This vote presents four options:Option 1 – Cap Auction at 90% of Uniswap PriceIn this scenario, a bid that would place the auction at a level higher than 90% of Uniswap price would not be allowed. Upon trying to bid, the bidder would be shown a message informing them that the value they are bidding is too high, ...

Event: Your Shares, Your Voice!

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This event would last for 30 Calendar Days. ANY new stakes or restakes would receive a 6% bonus of AXN added to the principal of their stake (for stakes over 350 days). Each additional 350 days would add an additional 1%, for a total of 20% for Max Share Stakers. This extra AXN is staked along with your principal, giving you more shares.Examples:350 day stake would get a 6% bonus. 10m AXN would become 10.6m AXN.700 day stake would get a 7% bo...

Updated Whitepaper released

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Whitepaper Axion's Whitepaper is the core to the operation of our token and the guiding light for our community. Featuring sections on the underlying math, advertising and marketing strategy, usecase scenarios, and economic analysis, all in one place. Download Axion Whitepaper Highly secured, fully audited Smart Contract running on the Ethereum blockchain. Learn more about our security Revo...

Connect Financial

| Partnerships
Connect Financial, the company that is offering the Axion VISA integrated Worldwide Credit Cards kicked off with an EXCLUSIVE presale to Axion OG5555 stakers at a significant discount to all other presale participants. Axion will be one of the very limited number of currencies available on the Connect VISA card. This means that people around the world will be able to collateralize their card with AXN, effectively removing AXN from the circ...