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Upgrading the Certificate of Deposit Account with Cryptocurrency

17 May 2021

Over the years, many investors have implemented a certificate of deposit (CD), or a time deposit account as a part of their investment portfolio. CD accounts are attractive because they provide stability through interest accrued over the length of the term, paid out at the end of the deposit. These types of accounts offered great paying interest rates and were used for many years as a way to generate guaranteed passive income for investors. However, over the years, modern bank CD’s are yielding lower and lower interest rates due to the inflation of the U.S. dollar and the continual dropping of the Federal Interest Rate.  Many economists are becoming increasingly worried about inflation as it is used to buffer the coronavirus pandemic’s impact on the U.S. economy, with 61% of economists saying the inflation rate is the highest it’s been in the last two decades, according to MarketWatch. The Federal Reserve’s Fund rate has rapidly deteriorated since earlier in 2020 when economic bailouts began. These drastically low-interest rates especially affect the payout benefits of CDs.  According to Bankrate, as of March 17th, 2021, the current average rates for a 1-year CD investment are 0.19% and 5-year CD rates are 0.32%. These standard CD rates are being outrun by inflation, and are not a financially viable trade-off for any investor locking their money up for so long with little to no return. 

If you were to start off with a $10,000 investment, seeking to earn interest on a typical bank CD, and you locked your investment up with a bank for just one year, you would only make $19! Thus, CDs are no longer the guaranteed income providers that they once were.

Fortunately, innovative pioneers in the cryptocurrency ecosystem are addressing the financial inadequacies of standard fiat currencies with the versatility and economic viability of digital cryptocurrencies. Axion is an ethical, community-driven cryptocurrency that rewards long-term investing with high-yield interest rates and weekly dividends.  Axion is cryptocurrency’s answer to a traditional bank CD, but done in a decentralized, secure, and innovative way. Axion puts the investor back in charge of their financial future with a viable passive income generator. Similar to setting aside your money with a traditional bank’s CD account, you can purchase Axion tokens and “stake” them for a term and duration of your choosing. Your investment immediately starts earning a minimum of 8% interest and gets bitcoin dividends distributed to your Axion wallet twice each week. These features, among others, are what help separate Axion from other Decentralized Finance (DeFi) projects.

Axion launched in November of 2020 on the Ethereum blockchain, and now as of March 2020, the Axion community has a total of 209+  Billion tokens staked, with 74 Billion of those tokens staked for the maximum duration of 15.2 years. Axion is the first cryptocurrency CD in history to display an overwhelmingly positive trend of stability-enhancing, staking behavior. By staking Axion, investors earn liquid Bitcoin dividends paid out twice each week, while the rest of the investment also accumulates interest in the form of Axion dividends that are received at the end of the principal stake period, similar to a CD account. The longer you choose to invest, the more shares you receive, and the more liquid Bitcoin and Axion dividends you earn. Share rates in the Axion ecosystem are the most valuable asset as they determine the payouts drawn from reward, investment, and dividend pools. The share rate is continually increasing, incentivizing investors to get in stake early, as the share rate will continue to increase, thus reducing the number of shares you get per your investment. 

Axion generates its dividends through Venture Capital Auctions (VCAs), from which 80% of the auction sale is distributed amongst stakeholders. Axion’s coin supply will be released over the span of 5 years, with over 1 Billion Axion Tokens available for Auction each week. With 52 weeks in a year for 5 years, Axion will auction 260 Billion tokens amplifying your rewards for staking. Users can withdraw and spend their Bitcoin at any time they please, giving users total control over their investment. Thus, you can stake your investment with Axion and allow it to grow, using your bitcoin dividend rewards as a passive income that is immediately spendable while not dipping into your principal investment at all.

The security and transparency of the Axion tokenomics and community engagement are what bring integrity to decentralized finance. The Axion team offers 24/7 community-driven support through the Axion Discord chat channel and its Axion support website available through its website. It’s helpful, especially if you’re new to crypto, to have the ability to grow and collaborate with a community of like-minded, dedicated, and intelligent investors. When you compare the community engagement with a cryptocurrency like Axion to that of traditional fiat currency, crypto as a whole, and Axion, in particular, offers a staggering amount of free and accurate educational information on how to get involved with the future of finance. The community truly believes that when you help one person invest and prosper, the rest of the community prospers as well. This can be a huge benefit to those looking to get into cryptocurrency investment.

It’s evident that traditional bank CD’s offer interest rates that pale in comparison to Axion, a more advanced and beneficial modern-day crypto CD. Axion offers a minimum 8% yield on investments staked on their platform, with longer stakes yielding higher interest rates. 

That same $10,000 investment from earlier, staked for the course of a year, would grow under the 8% APY minimum to $10,800. But that same investment would also get Bitcoin dividend rewards, estimated to be about $2,110 in today’s Bitcoin value. So the 8% growth plus the bitcoin dividends would bring the total to $12,910, a near 30% increase over the course of a year. Or, if you want to make your head spin, a 15,689% increase when compared to what you’d earn using a traditional bank CD. This also doesn’t take into account the growth of the token value itself, which could double, triple, or quadruple in value over the course of a year, thus making your initial investment grow into something much bigger. You can calculate the value of your own investment growth and your bitcoin dividends over at axioncalc.com.

This showcases the power of Axion all when used as a part of your overall investment plan. To get started on your own Axion journey, and find out why Axion is truly the #betterwaytocrypto, visit https://axion.network/welcometoaxion to get started! 

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