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The Sekuritance Axion Launch is complete

Sekuritance Launch Now Complete!

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Axion’s first official Launch partnership is now complete, with the Sekuritance / Axion Launch now available to be withdrawn by our Max Shares stakeholders. This was the inaugural Launch for Axion and an important part of its ecosystem going forward. By offering these unique and exclusive curated Launches to our staking community, Axion continues to provide benefits for those who chose to stake their AXN. This Launch provided the Axion commun...

The Past, Present, and Future of Axion.

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Axion has been one of the most fascinating projects in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space since the DeFi boom on the Ethereum blockchain in the last year. In this article, we take a look at what Axion is, including a thorough look back on the events that have transpired since Axion’s official launch and the incredible growth it provided. From the very beginning to the present day — and beyond! — the future of Axion has never been mor...

Axion Launch’s Latest Partnership: Vabble

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Axion x Vabble:Axion Launch is excited to partner with Vabble, a new streaming platform powered by the Ethereum blockchain. Axion has secured a total allocation of $2,250,000 USD for the Vabble presale and IDO, exclusively for Axion stakers. The main difference between the two is the presale is not available in a few countries including the US, but the IDO is available globally. Full presale/IDO/airdrop summary provided below. What is Axion L...

Stability in the Cryptocurrency Marketplace

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Due to the disastrous consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic, governments worldwide are printing money non-stop to bail themselves out of an omnipresent financial crisis. This negatively affects the national currency’s value, causing inflation, meaning every time a government prints a new dollar, the total pool of dollars goes up, making your dollar worth less. As governments flood their economies with money (i.e., stimulus bailout plans), all ...

Upgrading the Certificate of Deposit Account with Cryptocurrency

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Over the years, many investors have implemented a certificate of deposit (CD), or a time deposit account as a part of their investment portfolio. CD accounts are attractive because they provide stability through interest accrued over the length of the term, paid out at the end of the deposit. These types of accounts offered great paying interest rates and were used for many years as a way to generate guaranteed passive income for investors. Ho...