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Axion launching competition to create artwork for NFT

Win $250 with Axion's NFT art contest!

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Want your art to be immortalized in the Axion ecosystem forever? We're calling all artists to submit their artwork for Axion's new OG-POLYGON NFT that will launch when we migrate! The community will vote on which artwork they like best, and the winning art will feature as the background for this exclusive NFT. The selected winner will also get $250 in AXN and the NFT itself when we go live. Whether you are creating this art digitally in Photos...
Use BAT Brave Browser to stake AXN

Axion announces BAT token support

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Axion is launching full support of the Brave Browser's BAT token within the Axion ecosystem. Now, users of the privacy-focused browser who earn rewards when browsing will now be able to use their BAT to buy and automatically stake AXN. With Axion's 8% minimum APY (up to 36% on Max Stakes!) plus liquid Bitcoin dividends, curated t...

Learn how to set up your Ledger Nano S hardware wallet!

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If you don't already have a hardware wallet, it's strongly recommended that you invest in one as it keeps your crypto much safer than a software wallet alone. You can win one in our Summer Giveaway! Initial Setup 1) Download Ledger Live from 2) Connect your new ledger via USB. 3) Select Set up as a...

The Past, Present, and Future of Axion.

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Axion has been one of the most fascinating projects in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space since the DeFi boom on the Ethereum blockchain in the last year. In this article, we take a look at what Axion is, including a thorough look back on the events that have transpired since Axion’s official launch and the incredible growth it provided. From the very beginning to the present day — and beyond! — the future of Axion has never been mor...

Axion Launch’s Latest Partnership: Vabble

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Axion x Vabble:Axion Launch is excited to partner with Vabble, a new streaming platform powered by the Ethereum blockchain. Axion has secured a total allocation of $2,250,000 USD for the Vabble presale and IDO, exclusively for Axion stakers. The main difference between the two is the presale is not available in a few countries including the US, but the IDO is available globally. Full presale/IDO/airdrop summary provided below. What is Axion L...