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Sekuritance is your Compliance Gateway, providing a one-stop-shop on all compliance needs, from: KYC, KYB, AML, transaction monitoring, identity management, on-chain analysis and more to merchants and individuals alike. We eliminate the inefficiencies and errors inherent in manual onboarding and give you the ability to capture, digitize and visualize all of your customer data in a single place too, rather than trying to locate it across siloed systems. In addition, we streamline the compliance aspects of onboarding (like KYC/KYB) by enabling a slicker authentication process — and creating business rules that stop customer cases getting stuck or falling between the gaps.

Verification Services

We’re not kidding, our data sets are global, and we comply with almost all laws in any country. With KYC/AML regulations constantly changing, our team stays on top of these things, helping you avoid trouble and fines along the way.


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