The Axion Collider is here! Every time you buy AXN in the Accelerator, you'll earn a Particles NFT with a multiplier of your AXN. Then you can use your NFT in the new Collider for a chance to get a bonus stake with up to 10x multiplier! The Collider is now live on the Axion Staking Portal along with the new NFT Collection tab so you can see all your Axion NFTs in one place! This is just the beginning for all the new NFT functionality present in Axion.

Get an Axion Particles NFT every time you buy using the accelerator.
Then engage the NFT in the Collider for a chance to win bonus AXN!

Axion Particles NFT

Type: Particles
Rarity: Varies
Status: Transferrable, Sellable
Network: Polygon
Function: Bonus AXN
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Description: Turn Particles into AXN using the new Axion Collider! Each Particle NFT contains a multiplier for each time you buy AXN in the Accelerator. Each NFT can be redeemed for a chance to get a new bonus stake up to 10x!  

Collide your Axion Particles

Get a chance to earn bonus AXN from the Accelerator!

How do I get a Particles NFT? Whenever you buy AXN in the Accelerator, you will be minted a Particles NFT. This NFT will contain Particles that are a multiplier of the amount of AXN you bought in the Accelerator. The amount of particles multiplier is randomly picked between a 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, or a very rare 10x. The maximum Particles that can be contained in the NFT is 50M. 

You can also buy a Particles NFT on OpenSea if there are any currently listed.

What do I do with it? You have two things you can do with the Particles NFT. You can list it for sale on OpenSea for another user to buy it. Or you can enter it into the Collider for a chance to turn it into staked AXN!

What is the Collider? The Axion Collider is a new tool available on the Axion Staking Portal. The Collider allows you to choose a Particles NFT from your collection. It will detect the number of Particles inside the NFT, and allow you to set the length of the stake that you would like if the Particles successfully collide. When you engage the collider, it reads a huge number of variables on the blockchain to generate a random number. If the generated number matches the odds, then the tokens are successfully minted into AXN and a new stake is created and assigned to your wallet! This stake will receive Bitcoin dividends and can be used to qualify for Axion Launch. If the Particles fail to collide, then no stake is created. Either way, the Particles NFT is burned.

Why would I sell this NFT? If you get an extremely rare 10x Particles multiplier, you may want to sell this NFT to someone else who will want to use it in the Collider. As with all NFTs, the prices set are up to the user listing it. 

Do I have to use the Collider? You do not! You can let your Particle NFTs build up over time until you have quite the collection. Or you can put them in the collider after using the Accelrator. The choice is yours!

Does it cost to use the Collider? There is no charge to use the Collider aside from gas fees (currently a few tenths of a penny). It's a feature given out to the Axion community as a bonus for using the Accelerator. 


The Axion NFT ecosystem continues to grow with the

The Axion NFT ecosystem continues to grow with the

now live on the Staking Portal!