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Axion Testing Initiative

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Axion is both a technical marvel and a community powerhouse, with nearly 20,000 wallets interacting with the Axion contract since its launch in November 2020. It is important to note how different Axion is from when it started, with new functions, utilities, and improvements added to the original vision over the last few quarters. With all of these developments, the ecosystem has become incredibly complex. Accurately simulating changes to the ...
Axion dao vote community proposal

How should Axion pay for the V3 Audit?

| Votes
The community must now vote on how to pay for the Axion v3 Audit. For more information about the Audit itself, including reasons for why an audit should be performed, please visit this page. There are multiple options and combinations of options to pay for this audit. The intent of this vote is to determine the community's most prominent option, though the ending result may be a combination of options. In this vote, you will choose the option...
axion DAO voting user community vote

Should Axion V3 be audited?

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The purpose of this DAO vote is to determine whether Axion should initiate an Audit of the v3 code before launch, and how it should pay for it. The Axion v3 code is a complete rewrite of the entire Axion ecosystem, and is truly a technological achievement that makes Axion’s smart contracts leaps and bounds ahead of any other staking token on the market. Axion v3 will result in significantly reduced gas fees (thus cheaper transactions) for all ...
The Sekuritance Axion Launch is complete

Sekuritance Launch Now Complete!

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Axion’s first official Launch partnership is now complete, with the Sekuritance / Axion Launch now available to be withdrawn by our Max Shares stakeholders. This was the inaugural Launch for Axion and an important part of its ecosystem going forward. By offering these unique and exclusive curated Launches to our staking community, Axion continues to provide benefits for those who chose to stake their AXN. This Launch provided the Axion commun...
Axion Summer Giveaway Win $1000 or Ledger Nano S

Axion Summer Giveaway!

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AXION LEDGER + GRAND PRIZE SUMMER GIVEAWAY Axion is a new staking crypto offering 8% APY, liquid bitcoin dividends, curated token launches, DAO voting, and more… and we’re here to help the crypto community stay safe and secure! We’re giving away TWO brandnew custom branded Ledger Nano S hardware wallets EVERY DAY from July 15th to August 15th! And a $1,000 USDC + 12.5M AXN GRAND PRIZE! All you have to do is simply buy $AXN...

Axion Quarter 2 User Survey

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Axion wouldn't be what it is without such an incredible community. And now it's time for Axion to release its new quarterly comprehensive user survey! There's a deep dive into everything Axion, from how you first heard about it to your current sentiment, even what you're most looking forward to! As a thanks for filling out this form, you'll be entered to win a custom Axionbranded Ledger Nano S (if you so choose). Filling out this form will t...

The Past, Present, and Future of Axion.

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Axion has been one of the most fascinating projects in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space since the DeFi boom on the Ethereum blockchain in the last year. In this article, we take a look at what Axion is, including a thorough look back on the events that have transpired since Axion’s official launch and the incredible growth it provided. From the very beginning to the present day — and beyond! — the future of Axion has never been mor...

Your Axion Story Event

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Axion launches the Your Axion Story event! The diversity of the Axion community is one of its greatest strengths. We have investors from around the globe, of all ages and educational backgrounds, and with varying dreams and aspirations. Each one of us came to this project for a unique reason, and each one of us continues to stan...
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Axion 2nd Quarter Marketing & Branding Update

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Axion presents our 2nd Quarter Marketing & Branding Analysis! Axion is always growing and developing, that's part of what makes this token so exciting. As a part of our commitment to transparency, responsible accounting, and our dedication to being a community token, we're releasing our new quarterly Marketing & Branding update. This is a comprehensive look at the publicfacing side of what makes Axion strong, what Axion's core weakne...

Reallocation of auction funds

| Votes
As per the last update from the founder, we now have 15% of the regular auction funds available to do as we choose as a community. This DAO vote is to decide what we do with that ETH. The amount generated, at current price valuations is approximately $60,000. Over the course of three Town Halls, the community has identified and selected two clear options; Use for team salaries instead of paying in AXN, or use to boost Marketing over the next ...