Your Axion Story Event

Axion Events Team
02 July 2021

Axion launches the Your Axion Story event!

The diversity of the Axion community is one of its greatest strengths. We have investors from around the globe, of all ages and educational backgrounds, and with varying dreams and aspirations. Each one of us came to this project for a unique reason, and each one of us continues to stand by Axion for an equally unique reason.

win a Ledger Nano

We here at Axion would like to showcase this diversity through the Your Axion Story event. From Friday, July 2nd through Monday, July 26th, we invite each and every member of the Axion community - whether you've been here since the beginning or just arrived here yesterday - to submit your story through video, audio, or text.

Tell us what brought you to Axion, how this decision has impacted your life, how you feel about the Axion community, and/or why you continue to stand by this project.

Submissions will be reviewed by the Axion Staff and be used for promotional materials across platforms and marketing throughout the crypto sphere. As thanks to our community for entering this event, we have three prizes that will be awarded based on the level of participation.

Video Prize

(video submissions only)

1 recipient will receive a Ledger Nano X

Audio Prize

(audio submissions only)

2 recipients will receive an Axion-branded Ledger Nano S

Text Prize

(text submissions only)

3 recipients will receive $50 in AXN

Submission Guidelines:

All Submissions: Enter your testimonial by filling out the Your Axion Story Google Form link, found here. All submissions, regardless of format, must be free of copyrighted materials or any promotional materials for any tokens not associated with Axion. Videos containing images or language that go against the Axion Branding Guide will also be disqualified, including but not limited to vulgar language, hateful expressions, and sexually suggestive content.

Video Submissions: Video submissions must be one (1) minute or less. Please consider lighting and background when making the video. Make sure you record in a well-lit and quiet environment. Submissions that contain poor lighting or unusable audio will not be eligible, so make sure to review your video submissions before entry!

Audio Submissions: Audio submissions must be one (1) minute or less. As above, please check the clarity and background noise of your audio recording prior to submission. Audio with disruptive background noise or poor quality will not be eligible.

Text Submissions: Text submissions must be 250 words or fewer and in English. Axion acknowledges language barriers and educational variances and may reach out for clarification in the event that a testimonial or portion thereof is unclear to Axion Staff.

Please Note: When you submit your entry into the Your Axion Story event, you consent for Axion to use your submission in promotional and marketing materials and will acknowledge you’ve read the talent release form during the submission process.

The event is limited to a single entry per category. Example: you may submit for all three categories, video/audio/text, but you cannot submit more than one video entry. Winners of each category will be contacted on Wednesday, July 28th, and announced on Discord, Telegram and all official social media channels by Friday, July 30th.

Have any questions about the event? Reach out to our support team on Discord, Twitter, or our Support Portal for more information!


Paid Axion Staff/Team are not eligible for this promotion. The Google Form will ask for your email address, which is how we will contact winners, and optionally your discord / telegram username. For the Text Prize, you must have a valid ETH wallet address to receive your prize. For the Ledger giveaway, you will be contacted upon winning and must provide a valid shipping address. If you are uncomfortable providing your address, consider setting up a PO Box to receive your prize. Non-valid addresses or refusing to provide a shipping address will void your prize winnings. Participation in this contest acknowledges consent for any and all submissions, with the visual, audio or text content to be used in promotional and marketing materials as chosen by Axion. Submission does not guarantee that your testimonial will be used. Any testimonials that go against Axion's Brand Guidelines will be disqualified from participation. No purchase necessary to win.

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