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Sekuritance Launch Now Complete!

Axion Announcements
20 July 2021
The Sekuritance Axion Launch is complete

Axion’s first official Launch partnership is now complete, with the Sekuritance / Axion Launch now available to be withdrawn by our Max Shares stakeholders. This was the inaugural Launch for Axion and an important part of its ecosystem going forward. By offering these unique and exclusive curated Launches to our staking community, Axion continues to provide benefits for those who chose to stake their AXN.

This Launch provided the Axion community with access to an exclusive Public IEO available on TrustSwap for a total of $500,000 with a 20% bonus included on all SKRT purchased. In addition to the IEO, all Axion Max Shares stakeholders who filled out the form (a total of 1,586) received 6,305 $SKRT, worth approximately $118 at the time of writing. This means that merely for filling out a form, these Axion stakers received $118 of a token that will appreciate greatly in the coming years as Sekuritance becomes a market leader in the crypto security and regulation space! For more information on Sekuritance, visit their website.

The Sekuritance Airdrop also brought about Axion’s new Vesting Engine, developed in-house by the Axion dev team. The Vesting Engine is a tool that lets Axion distribute tokens loaded into it on a pre-set vesting schedule, including properly distributing the funds appropriate for each participating investor’s wallet address. These tokens are released to the community via the Axion Launch page on the Staking Portal. Investors with tokens ready for withdrawal can simply go to the Launch page and scroll down to the bottom where any available tokens are listed, as long as the appropriate wallet is connected. Investors can immediately withdraw their tokens, or let them continue to vest over time.

The Sekuritance Launch is an exciting moment for all of Axion, showcasing the power that Axion holds within its ecosystem to provide constant value and opportunities for its stakers. With Axion’s 8% minimum APY, liquid Bitcoin dividends, DAO Voting, 24/7 support system, an extensive knowledge base, an incredible community, and now Axion Launch, there’s no better time to get connected with the Axion ecosystem.