Axion Twitter Reboot - 9 Week Campaign - Competition

01 June 2022

Our 9-week Twitter Reboot Campaign kicks off on June 1st, 2022 at 1800 UTC.

The campaign is designed to incentivize Twitter activity while promoting Axion and our news. The Twitter Reboot stretches over a 9 week period and will coincide with several Axion news stories, to promote the Axion ecosystem. Throughout the campaign, random tweets, meme creators, and participants, will be eligible for rewards and giveaways. We will be giving away over $3,000 USD in rewards over the period, as we look to ramp up our exposure on Twitter.

Conditions for entry:

  • Must be members of both Axion Discord and Telegram Groups 
  • Must follow Axion Twitter
  • The hashtag #TR9 must be included in every comment of an Official Axion Tweet
  • Every comment within a tweet cannot simply be spamming #TR9
  • The adjudicator’s decision (Phixx) will be final

Contest Structure

Week 1 thru 8 (Random Pick) 

  1. A random pick from a retweet of an Axion #TR9 Tweet will be selected each 48hour period Monday to Tuesday and on Wednesday & Thursday.
    ($100 in Axion, each random pick). 2 winners per week.
  2. Winners have 24 hours to claim their prize or another random pick is selected

Week 1 thru 8 (Meme Contest)

  1. Each Friday a Meme Contest Tweet will be held on a specific theme.
    ($100 in Axion each week for each meme winner)
  2. Participants will reply to the official Axion Meme contest post #TR9, with their meme entry. The winner of each week's meme contest will have the most likes & retweets. 
  3. Contestants have 72 hours after the original Axion Meme contest tweet is posted to get as much engagement as they can. 
  4. The winners (Week 1 - 8) are entered into the week 9 Axion Meme tournament.
  5. Winners of the weekly contest are not eligible to win again, until week 9.

Week 9 Meme Tournament

  1. The winners of the previous 8 weeks will be paired together randomly in a bracket-style tournament. (contestants would participate with their original week 1 thru 8 memes)
  2. Each day, one pairing will take place:
    Round 1 - Monday thru Thursday
    Round 2 - Friday and Saturday
    Round 3 - Final on Sunday.

  3. The winner of each matchup, semi-finalist & losing finalist will win a $25 Amazon voucher.
  4. The overall winner will receive a prize package:
    Axion Ledger, 5M Galaxy Stake, Axion Merch = $200.

*** Please note: The Random Picks for Week 9 have been removed to concentrate on the Meme tournament.  

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