Our Vision for 2022 and beyond

20 March 2022

Greetings, fellow Axionauts! – Who’s ready for the future of Axion?!

2022 is already in high gear and the Axion Team, Advisory Council, Moderators, and our newly organized Taskforce are excited to share this fresh, new, community-driven vision with all of you.

The team presented some of the future plans for Axion during a live stream - For those of you who missed it, it is available to watch here.

A vision that includes a 5-Year Roadmap Masterplan, a proposal to improve our Tokenomics, and some exciting news/opportunities that we believe will ensure not only our sustainability but more importantly our continued growth as we move forward, all hands on deck!


Some of the key things we announced:

✔ - Accelerator Changes - Now Implemented
The Accelerator ratios have been adjusted to help increase price appreciation and reduce the amount of money being diverted out of our ecosystem to bitcoin.
It is now set to 70% Buyback AXN (Instantly burned), 15% wBTC, 15% running costs/marketing etc.
This is a 27% increase to the amount of money going into the liquidity pool, and also 27% more AXN being burned.

✔ - Sell Tax - Now Implemented
We have enabled a 5% sell tax. This means that when you sell on SushiSwap, you will get wETH for 95% of your AXN.
2.5% is being instantly burned, which brings a huge increase to our deflationary measures
2.5% is being distributed to stakers as liquid AXN dividends

✔ - Liquid AXN Dividends - Now Implemented
Coming directly from the sale tax as mentioned above, all stakers now benefit from an additional stream of dividends. These build up in your staking portal just like the wBTC divs, shown on the Stake page.
It's impossible to tell how much this will amount to, it will fluctuate depending on how much AXN is being sold on the market. At times it will be low, but at other times it may be much more than the wBTC divs you earn.

🎮 - Axion Studios - Just Getting Started
Axion Studios is a newly established game development and acquisitions arm in the Axion ecosystem.
We will be operating these activities on a cost-recovery model and its aim is to be a new revenue stream to support the ecosystem.
Profits from the production of a variety of AAA quality games will benefit the Axion ecosystem and stakers directly. Benefits include contributing to OTC Pool/Treasury building/Bitcoin Dividends

🔁 - OTC Pool - Upcoming
Various revenue streams will go towards filling up an OTC pool. This will allow Axion investors to sell their liquid AXN and Stake NFTs over the counter, therefore avoiding the 5% sales tax if sold through SushiSwap.
The AXN being sold will be instantly burned thus adding to our deflationary measures already in place. On top of this, it will reduce the sell pressure as the AXN being sold will not hit the market, and no money is leaving the liquidity pools.

🚀 - Defi 3.0/ Treasury building - Upcoming
DeFi 3.0 opens doors to multiple new revenue streams which can benefit the stakers and continue to reward them by providing additional dividends.
Sell Taxes - A % of the proceeds to go stakers as liquid $AXN
Buy Taxes - Contributes to Treasury building + liquid BTC dividends + OTC Pool
Treasury building - Investment of treasury to yield farming platform where yields contribute to additional divs, OTC pool as well as continuous treasury building
Fixed Supply - Hard cap on the total supply of $AXN that can be minted.

🎁 - Invite Competition / Huge Giveaway - Upcoming
We are planning to do a giveaway of 3,000 x Particle NFTs. In order to qualify for the FREE giveaway, users have to invite at least 5 new people to our discord. The aim is to grow our numbers and bring new audiences to Axion.
The cost of obtaining these NFTs through Accelerator participation would be over $500,000, but obviously, only 1 in 25 of them are going to convert to real $AXN. So essentially, its a giveaway with a value of ~$20,000 (or more, if users sell the NFTs on OpenSea).

These activities are still at various developmental stages and will be announced to the community as they roll out.*