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Airdrop + IEO
May 13, 2021
Airdrop value:
100000 AXN Staked Max

May 13th, 2021 - The Sekuritance token $SKRT is now launched!

After a hugely successful IEO via Axion Launch and TrustSwap, the $SKRT token is now launched and available for trade on Uniswap and


Everyone who took part in the IEO will have received 10% of their tokens today via airdrop. The extra 20% bonus for Axion 5555 stakers, or 30% for Axion NFT holders, will be sent with the final airdrop at the end of the vesting period.

For those Axion stakers who entered the free airdrop, your tokens will be sent around the 14th of June 2021.


Uniswap - Buy $SKRT now on Uniswap - Buy $SKRT now on



  • Sekuritance is airdropping $225,000 in SKRT tokens equally amongst all of Axion's Max Shares stakers.

  • Axion's Max Shares stakers will receive a 20% bonus in SKRT tokens when purchasing SKRT during the IEO on TrustSwap.

  • Axion's OG-5555 NFT holders get an additional 10% bonus (30% total) in SKRT tokens when purchasing SKRT during the IEO on TrustSwap.

Airdrop Redemption Process

The deadline is extended until May 15th, so register now!
Note - The Airdrop is available globally.

  1. Make sure you must have at least one stake of any amount with a 5555 duration. All valid wallets will share an equal distribution.

  2. Follow the Sekuritance Team’s telegram by clicking this link.

  3. Click on this link to be taken to Sekuritance’s Google Forms signup. Enter your ETH wallet address, and any additional information

  4. Relax n’ Divs! You will be airdropped your SKRT IEO tokens by the Sekuritance team 30 days after launch with a vesting period of 6 months.

TrustSwap Public IEO Process

A total of $500,000 has been allocated for the Axion community, first-come, first-serve, available for all Max Stakers & OG-5555 NFT holders!

Note - Purchasing the IEO is not available to US Citizens.

The Pledge Registration form will open May 8th at 9am PST (18:00 CET)

  1. Make sure you have at least one Axion stake for Max Shares (5555).

  2. Have photos of your passport/id/driving license ready (for the passport have the front page and the photo page, or for the driving license/identity card please have the front and back pages ready)

  3. You will need to submit a selfie consisting of a photo showing your full face, whilst holding up your passport/id/driving license open on the photo page, on it and a note saying "Sekuritance IEO May 2021" - you can keep them in the same hand on top of each other, it is fine.

  4. Have the ETH wallet address handy where you have your AXION 5555 stake.

  5. Fill in and submit the form on Trustswap website. You can opt to get a copy of your replies. The form will be hosted at this link

  6. The Sekuritance team will analyze all the data collected and inform you whether you are eligible to participate or not.

  7. In that confirmation email and ONLY in that email, there will be the deposit address where you will be required to send the USDT or USDC. Do not fall victim to any scammers telling you a fake address to send to. This deposit address is crucial to allow the Axion Max Shares community to participate in the launch without needing to hold $SWAP. If you have any concerns about the validity of the email, reach out to the Sekuritance team via Telegram or Discord.


Do I need to hold $SWAP to participate in the TrustSwap launch?

SWAP Token holders and AXION Max Stakers have priority over their respective allocations. And in the case of an individual who holds both a wallet with SWAP tokens and the same or a different one with AXION MAX Stake in it - he/she can submit two separate entries! But if you hold ONLY a wallet which has an AXION MAX stake in it, then YOU DO NOT Need to hold SWAP tokens. However that allocation is limited to 0.5M so once the eligible Axion Max Staker entries take it up, there will be only the TrustSwap Public allocation left to fill.

What link do I need to follow and when?

Tomorrow the official due diligence link will be enabled through that site itself. Irrespective if you are a SWAP token holder or an Axion Max Staker, you will follow the same link.

How will you know if my ETH address is a SWAP token holder or an AXION Max Staker?

We are working with both teams to get the respective snapshots and the data will be cross-referenced and validated accordingly.

What are the minimums or maximums one can pledge?

For the SWAP token holders, the maximum will be worked out based on the eligible submissions and communicated accordingly to the individual submission. For the AXION token holders, the maximum allowed in that allocation is 10k per submission.

Will I get email confirmations?

Yes. Everyone will get an email confirmation but not upon submission, upon successful or negative verification. The IEO will process all records on a first come first served, first verified basis, so the more clear information you can submit and the more accurate, the bigger the chance that your application will simply pass our automated solutions and be immediately eligible.

How does the bonus work?

For the Axion allocation, those pledging are eligible for a bonus. If your wallet is not only eligible as a max stake but also as an OG NFT holder, then you will get that extra bonus on top of the original bonus.

When will the tokens be airdropped?

Approximately 30 days AFTER the IEO launch date.

When will the snapshot for the airdrop take place?

In order to coincide with the ongoing Your Shares, Your Voice! event, the snapshot of eligibility will take place on May 15th at 07:02 UTC.

About Sekuritance

Sekuritance is a unique regulatory technology platform that provides a single place from which it is possible to run numerous regulatory screening solutions, secure data tokenization, transaction monitoring, personal and business identification and verification, fraud monitoring and other unique programs.

The company has its native cryptocurrency called the SKRT token, which is a new cryptocurrency for enterprise-class regulatory technology compliance, security and more. It is a utility token that leverages the consensus-driven blockchain’s permanent immutable nature for the purpose of underpinning a new independent digital economy. This new mechanism enables vault queries, checks, transaction monitoring and other activities referenced in the blockchain in order to ensure auditability.

Meanwhile, the project offers unique services that bring compliance services, fraud and transaction monitoring, and Anti-Money Laundering verification services all under one roof. In its essence, SKRT is blockchain agnostic, meaning that it can be on public protocols like Ethereum and even Bitcoin, as well as on private, permission protocols like Hyperledger. SKRT tokens will be able to shift if better blockchains emerge in the future and become able to satisfy enterprise and consumer security applications simultaneously thanks to its various layer-two added functionality and value.

For more information about Sekuritance:

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