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2022 Update

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Just a small update on a few of the things we are currently working on. There's plenty in store for Axion over the next few months! We have our next Axion Launch now confirmedWe will be officially announcing it early next week, followed by Discord and YouTube AMAs with their team. Teaser  This is a huge project, which is already fairly established in terms of its ecosystem. Their mobile app already has over 1,000,000 downloads on Android ...

WARP Starship Parts have now been sent out to all Axion Launch participants!

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WARP Starship Parts have now been sent out to all Axion Launch participants! 24 hours remaining till WARP goes live. Hey Axion crew! We have an exciting surprise announcement for you all. The WARP team wanted to make sure the Axion community was taken care of before the WARP launch, so they went ahead and minted all the Axion Launch NFT starship parts that were purchased during the WARP Axion launch NFT part sale. View your shiny new parts o...

Official Axion AMA on the main Polygon Twitter

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Polygon Network continues to show their support and love for the Axion project. We invite you all to join us for an AMA with Joel and members of the Axion team on Polygons main Twitter account (1M Followers!) this Friday at 730AM PST / 1030AM EST / 330PM UTC / 9PM IST We'll be talking about Axion and have an announcement as to our next Axion Launch opportunity! So come join us and help promote the world's best staking ecosystem. And if you wa...

Axion Collider

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The Axion Collider is here! Every time you buy AXN in the Accelerator, you'll earn a Particles NFT with a multiplier of your AXN. Then you can use your NFT in the new Collider for a chance to get a bonus stake with up to 10x multiplier! The Collider is now live on the Axion Staking Portal along with the new NFT Collection tab so you can see all your Axion NFTs in one place! This is just the beginning for all the new NFT functionality present i...
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Axion presents LUXY! The next generation NFT marketplace with exclusive $100,000 IDO

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NFTs have dominated the headlines of both crypto and noncrypto news, with equal parts wonder and surprise at the power behind these blockchain collections of art, culture, and wealth. But NFTs haven't always been so lucrative. In 2018, OpenSea was averaging $473,000 a year in volume across its network. Compare this to the first 6 months of 2021, when it averaged over $1.02 BILLION in volume, with an average of $73 million in volume PER DAY. I...

Axion DiamondStake NFT

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Stakes are sparkly as diamonds! Showcase your longterm bullish outlook with the firstever Accelerator Boost Utility NFT, available exclusively for 5+ year BPD stake upgrades and qualifying stakes and Accelerator bids. Showcase your support for the Axion Project with this beautiful NFT that grants a powerful 5% boost to Accelerator Bids! Find out how to get the Diamond Stake NFT here. @media (minwidth: 1500px) { .tmpagecontainer...

Polygon Migration now complete!

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Axions migration from Ethereum to the Polygon network is now complete!  Our previous contract address on Ethereum was 0x71f85b2e46976bd21302b64329868fd15eb0d127,  this contract is now permanently paused. Our new contract address on Polygon is 0x839f1a22a59eaaf26c85958712ab32f80fea23d9, and you can see the contract on PolygonScan here.   What do users need to do? For all users who had stakes, your staked AXN has been automatically migrated...

Axion OG-Polygon NFT

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You are a pioneer. A trailblazer. You embrace the unknown, arrive first at your destination. You are the OG. And now we have an NFT for you. The OGPOLYGON NFT is Axion's first UtilityClass NFT as a part of the future Axion NFT Ecosystem, coming in part thanks to the migration to Polygon. Find out about this exciting NFT here. You are a pioneer. You are a trailblazer. You embrace the unknown. You are the first to arrive. You are the OG. ...

Polygon Migration FAQ

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Learn everything you need to know about the upcoming migration in this video.  
axion august marketing and social media update

Axion Q3 Brand, Marketing and Project Update

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It has been a truly jam packed Q3, with the Axion project continuing to develop at a rapid pace. The team focused inward, pouring energy and attention into the project and its tokenomics, with careful detail being given to the parts of the ecosystem that needed to be refactored. In this presentation you'll find a recap of the Q3 project efforts, as well as a breakdown of the social media statistics, the community engagement survey results, the...