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Axion presents LUXY! The next generation NFT marketplace with exclusive $100,000 IDO

Axion Events Team
15 November 2021
nft marketplace ecosystem axion launch luxy token IDO IEO presale

NFTs have dominated the headlines of both crypto and non-crypto news, with equal parts wonder and surprise at the power behind these blockchain collections of art, culture, and wealth. But NFTs haven't always been so lucrative. In 2018, OpenSea was averaging $473,000 a year in volume across its network. Compare this to the first 6 months of 2021, when it averaged over $1.02 BILLION in volume, with an average of $73 million in volume PER DAY. Imagine getting in on the launch of OpenSea, and riding the NFT craze to newfound heights.

Now's your chance. The Axion team has partnered with LUXY.io, a brand new NFT marketplace about to have its inaugural launch on Polygon. LUXY takes the OpenSea model and refines it, making it a far more customizable, incredibly powerful NFT marketplace. LUXY features reduced fees, customizable royalty options (up to 100%), and a user interface that anyone can learn to launch their own NFT collection. It's all powered by the LUXY token.

The Axion staking community is going to have an exclusive $100,000 allocation to the LUXY launch, valued at $0.08 per token. This is going to be an incredibly lucrative launch for long-term hodlers, as LUXY is primed and ready with an all-star, fully doxxed team. This will also be Axion's first Polygon Launch featuring our new Pledge Engine! You will be able to pledge (using USDC only) through the Axion Launch section of the staking portal, and automatically have your tokens ready for you to claim when they're released on December 1st. No pesky Google forms to fill out!

This incredibly limited allocation is first-come, first-serve, so when it's gone, it's gone! Make sure you read carefully through the Launch website to get all the details about LUXY and the Axion Launch. Pledging starts on Monday, November 22nd, 2021 at 1900UTC, so have your USDC and Matic ready to cover the transactions when pledging goes live. We expect this Launch to sell out quickly, so act fast!

For more information, visit the LUXY Launch page:


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