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wBTC Divs Temporarily Paused

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RE: OTC Pool Vote (from May)Dear Axionauts, As we roll out our plans towards our vision, laid out in March of this year; one of the things spoken of was the importance of building up an OTC pool. In line with that plan, we gave our community a vote on new Accelerator ratios that would be required to start funding the pool. Further information about the necessity for the OTC pool can be read in James' article here:

Axion Twitter Reboot - 9 Week Campaign - Competition

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Our 9week Twitter Reboot Campaign kicks off on June 1st, 2022 at 1800 UTC.The campaign is designed to incentivize Twitter activity while promoting Axion and our news. The Twitter Reboot stretches over a 9 week period and will coincide with several Axion news stories, to promote the Axion ecosystem. Throughout the campaign, random tweets, meme creators, and participants, will be eligible for rewards and giveaways. We will be giving away over $...

Why The Axion OTC Pool Is So Important

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Submitted By James McFadden — a.k.a Metal on Discord A member of the Axion Advisory Council Think of the OTC as Axion’s personal inhouse bank, where the various fees paid by buyers and sellers on the open market pay, along with funds from the Axion Accelerator collects, all come together to create one big fund or as we like to say in Defi, pool…  Over time, as this fund builds up, Axion stakers will have an opportunity to swap their liquid ...

Sell Tax Percentages

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Greetings Axionauts, As per our latest announcement, one of the required steps for our 2022 vision was to bring in a 5% sell tax. This is now in place, meaning that 5% less liquidity leaves the pool with each sell, which of course helps to sustain the price.( The taxed AXN is then split into two, helping our tokenomics in a further two ways: Half of the taxed AXN is instantl...

Our Vision for 2022 and beyond

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Greetings, fellow Axionauts! – Who’s ready for the future of Axion?! 2022 is already in high gear and the Axion Team, Advisory Council, Moderators, and our newly organized Taskforce are excited to share this fresh, new, communitydriven vision with all of you. The team presented some of the future plans for Axion during a live stream For those of you who missed it, it is available to watch here. A vision that includes a 5Year Roadmap Mas...

Giveaway Winners

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On the 7th March we did a YouTube live stream and picked not 5 but 10 lucky winners for the latest Ledger giveaway competition!

Giveaway - Win a Ledger Nano S hardware wallet!

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We are having another Ledger Giveaway, this time giving away 5 x custom branded Ledger Nano S hardware wallets! How to take part:1) Like this video Subscribe to the channel3) Leave a comment on this video stating why you are bullish on Axion! We will pick 5 random winners in two weeks' time, and announce them here!

Latest Updates and Live Community Hangout

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Join some of the Axion Team and get up to date with some of the latest updates, followed by a hangout with some of the Axion Community!

Axion Launch - Legion Network

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Axion welcomes Legion Network, the decentralized Super App. You don’t want to miss this launch! Legion is an innovative ecosystem that is designed to explore the endless possibilities of NFTs, gaming, rewards, and business tools. This is not just a basic crypto app, however. Legion is everything you need and much more, all merged into one app.  Axion Stakers are being given the exclusive opportunity to get the $LGX token at the discounted pr...

KYC Onboarding

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Thanks to our partners at Sekuritance, we have now integrated the KYC process into our staking portal for a smoother process for all involved. You will now see this box at the top right corner of the Launch page (, and it will instantly show you the status of the connected wallet. We have two launches imminent, one of which will be announced within the next 24 hours. Both of these launches will require KYC,...