KYC Onboarding

08 February 2022

Thanks to our partners at Sekuritance, we have now integrated the KYC process into our staking portal for a smoother process for all involved.

You will now see this box at the top right corner of the Launch page (, and it will instantly show you the status of the connected wallet.

We have two launches imminent, one of which will be announced within the next 24 hours. Both of these launches will require KYC, so if you want to take part, please apply now to make sure you are validated in time!

The KYC process is simple:
1) Connect your wallet to the staking platform and go to the Launch section
2) Press the Apply for KYC button
3) Fill out the Sekuritance form - If you have completed KYC with them in the past, please use the same email address as before
4) Once done, come back to the staking platform and refresh. It should now show your KYC status as 'In Review', and once completed, it will say 'KYC Verified'.

This process may take a couple of days, and you should receive an email from them too.
If it still shows 'KYC not verified' or 'KYC Pending', please do not apply several times, just be patient.

If you have multiple wallets where you wish to take part in Axion Launch from, simply connect them, and complete the same form, using the same email address. You won't need to upload documents again, and it will be a much shorter form. Subsequent wallets will instantly be verified if your main verification has already gone through.

Once your wallet address is logged against your KYC Profile at Sekuritance, all future launches will automatically allow you in!

Any issues with KYC will be dealt with by the Sekuritance team directly.