Giveaway Winners

07 March 2022

On the 7th March we did a YouTube live stream and picked not 5 but 10 lucky winners for the latest Ledger giveaway competition!

Congratulations to our TEN winners!!
(Picked at random during a Livestream @

1) Mareks Pocepko

This is only beginning,let’s gooooo Axion

2) Mitchell from Australia

I love AXION! It offers a base 8% interest (actually much more than that), launchpad for amazing new projects which stakers get discount first dibs buying, has built its own dedicated community AND you get daily BTC divs! It's the one to watch in 2022 😉 😎

3) Home Ni

Axion is the best

4) Beryle

Wealth of information 👌 👏 love you guys

5) Mark B

Love the community engagement from the Axion team and the hard work they put in to build the project…Very bullish for the long term!

6) Salim Mo

CD token, launchpad and more to come... very bullish, keep the good work team 👏

7) Peterhawk71

I have been in Axion since the early beginnings when we launched and thought everything was gone to trash…Well almost 2 years later we still here and the team keeps working hard to improve the project. With all the new items in line. I am bullish we will pull thru and take this project to the promise land. Go Axion..Lets do this!

8) Victor Lujan

All-in for the bull-run since it began!

9) Tsafrir Sklarksi

Long term project with strong development 💪

10) Novus Primo

Love axion because of the community and earnings i get

Please drop an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or DM me here on discord to claim your prize!
Please note, prizes must be claimed by 7th April 2022, or they will be reassigned for future giveaways.

- Axion Team