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The Past, Present, and Future of Axion.

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Axion has been one of the most fascinating projects in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space since the DeFi boom on the Ethereum blockchain in the last year. In this article, we take a look at what Axion is, including a thorough look back on the events that have transpired since Axion’s official launch and the incredible growth it provided. From the very beginning to the present day — and beyond! — the future of Axion has never been mor...

Your Axion Story Event

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Axion launches the Your Axion Story event! The diversity of the Axion community is one of its greatest strengths. We have investors from around the globe, of all ages and educational backgrounds, and with varying dreams and aspirations. Each one of us came to this project for a unique reason, and each one of us continues to stan...
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Axion 2nd Quarter Marketing & Branding Update

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Axion presents our 2nd Quarter Marketing & Branding Analysis! Axion is always growing and developing, that's part of what makes this token so exciting. As a part of our commitment to transparency, responsible accounting, and our dedication to being a community token, we're releasing our new quarterly Marketing & Branding update. This is a comprehensive look at the publicfacing side of what makes Axion strong, what Axion's core weakne...

Reallocation of auction funds

| Votes
As per the last update from the founder, we now have 15% of the regular auction funds available to do as we choose as a community. This DAO vote is to decide what we do with that ETH. The amount generated, at current price valuations is approximately $60,000. Over the course of three Town Halls, the community has identified and selected two clear options; Use for team salaries instead of paying in AXN, or use to boost Marketing over the next ...

#BetterWayToCrypto Event

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Introducing Axion's #BetterWayToCrypto event! From June 25th to August 19th, Axion investors and fans will have the opportunity to win $100 in AXN each week by creating a post on social media that both tags Axion and includes the Hashtag of the Week in a meaningful and relevant way, as well as the promotional tag #BetterWayToCrypto. The promotion will run...

V3 testing to begin

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We're getting ready to move into v3's public testnet phase! We need your address in order to airdrop Ropsten ETH and testnet AXN to your wallet for you to be able to interact with the different testnet contract versions. IMPORTANT: Make sure you don't use all your testnet AXN on a single contract version! v3 Public Testnet will have multiple phases, each version phase lasting 24 hours. In order to properly test v3's interactions with our pr...

Axion Launch’s Latest Partnership: Vabble

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Axion x Vabble:Axion Launch is excited to partner with Vabble, a new streaming platform powered by the Ethereum blockchain. Axion has secured a total allocation of $2,250,000 USD for the Vabble presale and IDO, exclusively for Axion stakers. The main difference between the two is the presale is not available in a few countries including the US, but the IDO is available globally. Full presale/IDO/airdrop summary provided below. What is Axion L...

Message from the founder

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Since the inception of Axion well over a year ago, I’ve had the pleasure of building and working with a team of upwards of 50+ incredible colleagues. Everyone that worked and still is working for Axion has dared to believe that something really different could be created in the crypto ecosystem – a project made for the community, built by the community, which endures as a community, for years to come. In just ~6 months, Axion boasts over 19,5...

Balancing the Auctions - Changes Implemented

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@everyone **Balancing the Auctions**The changes to the auction from the latest DAO Vote is now implemented to our contract! Hats off to our incredible @dev team. Their innovative coding has made it possible for us to reward, in graduated increments, the longterm staking behavior that will continue to grow Axion into the wealth generator that we all know it can be. The frontend website update goes live at the start of the Axion day tomorr...


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Sekuritance is a unique regulatory technology platform that provides a single place from which it is possible to run numerous regulatory screening solutions, secure data tokenization, transaction monitoring, personal and business identification and verification, fraud monitoring and other unique programs. The company has its native cryptocurrency called the SKRT token, which is a new cryptocurrency for enterpriseclass regulatory technology c...