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Axion community votes to move to Polygon

Axion Development Team
06 October 2021
Axion vote confirms the move to Polygon Matic chain network

With an incredible 810 votes submitted (making this the largest official Vote enacted in the Axion ecosystem thus far), an overwhelming majority of the Axion community cast their vote to migrate our entire project over to the Polygon network.

With over 95% of the vote going to YES, this now officially secures Axion's move and gives the development team the go-ahead and community support to enact the migration.

In addition, the preliminary report from the Halborn audit showcases zero blockers in the Axion v3 code that would prevent Axion from launching on the Polygon network. A small code revision round is currently pending before Halborn releases the final audit, verifying the Axion Smart Contracts to be safe, secure, and ready for the mainstream.

From launching on Polygon to helping pay for all user fees in the Accelerator, having an Olympian on the Advisory Council (see the YouTube live stream!), and an incredibly dedicated community, Axion is poised to grow exponentially into an economic powerhouse in the crypto world.

For more information on the Polygon migration (including a list of FAQs) visit:



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