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Should Axion migrate to Polygon?

Axion Development Team
28 September 2021
Axion dao vote community proposal

Gas fees have been suffocating the Axion project for many months now. Even with Axion v3, a completely new code framework exclusive to Axion, there still isn't enough of a reduction in the amount of code to combat the rising price of Ethereum and the higher GWEI required to run transactions on the network. With ETH 2.0 still a complete unknown, we know that the longer we sit and wait for things to get better, the longer it will take to create a positive price movement and ROI for our community.

After extensive research and testing, the team has chosen the Polygon chain ($MATIC) as the new home for the Axion Project. For more information about the Polygon chain movements, and the benefits of this migration, visit our polygon page.

To vote, head over to: https://stake.axion.network/vote/QmNa4cHsxGfrxjKPvv35wBgkt337nKYQi5ZwZNfiG5vx8x