Halborn Audit results

Axion Development Team
13 October 2021

Exciting news for the Axion community as the Halborn audit is officially complete!

In July, the Axion community joined the Development Team's desire to vote to audit the Axion v3 code, ensuring the stability, quality, security, and longevity of Axion for decades to come. Axion v3, for those who are unaware, represents a 100% brand new codebase written specifically for Axion by Axion's in-house development team. It represents the most efficient, most powerful, and most capable staking code ever deployed on the blockchain. Axion v3 offers incredible upgradability, allowing for additional module blocks to be integrated into the functionality with minimal cost. And with the deployment to the Polygon Network, staking, withdrawing, participating in the Axion Accelerator, and upgrading stakes will all be incredibly cheap. In addition, Axion v3 also allows for a blossoming NFT ecosystem, allowing users to create NFT stakes as well as unlock future utility with NFTs present in a user's wallet. 

All this exciting development required a thorough evaluation of the code, which is where Halborn comes in. Their team of industry-leading auditing technicians combed over all of the Smart Contract, checked for exploits or backdoors, performed logic checks on all operations, and otherwise evaluated the health of the code. After a clarification revision with the Halborn team, the audit results are done! In an incredible show of support for the dev team, the Halborn audit found:

  • 0 Critical findings
  • 0 High Priority findings
  • 3 Medium Priority findings
  • 8 Low Priority findings
  • 5 Informational Comments

After a thorough review, the Axion developers were able to mitigate or otherwise nonissue the Medium and Low Priority findings, with many of the findings not being applicable to the Axion v3 code because backwards compatibility of v1 and v2 stakes are not needed since all of Axion stakes will be updated to v3 upon Polygon Launch. This means that Axion now has no technical blockers remaining for launch to the Polygon network! Now all that remains is making sure the entire team and community are prepared for the migration.

With this news, Axion on Polygon is just over the horizon... don't forget to bid in the Axion Accelerator to get your hands on the rare Supernova launch NFT!

To read the full report, you can access it via the embedded PDF below, or visit Halborn's audit hosted on their GitHub, available here