Important - Calling all liquidity providers

27 September 2021

In order to facilitate the move to Polygon and the launch of Axion V3, we will require everyone to remove their liquidity positions on Uniswap. Users have 7 days to do this, or they risk losing their AXN/ETH as they will no longer be able to sell their LP Tokens back to Uniswap.

If you are not sure what an LP Token is, or what Liquidity Provider means, then this announcement does not concern you.
Regular Axion holders and stakers do not need to do anything.

- If you have LP-Tokens in the Axion Mine please withdraw them immediately.

- If you have LP-Tokens in your wallet, please sell them back to Uniswap as soon as possible.
This can be done at If you don't see your position on that link with the correct wallet connected, press Import Pool, and select ETH/AXN. Then you should see your position and be able to remove your liquidity.

If users do not remove their Liquidity from Uniswap before 00:00 UTC October 5th, they will lose their AXN/ETH