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Axion Q3 Brand, Marketing and Project Update

Axion Marketing Team
15 October 2021
axion august marketing and social media update

It has been a truly jam packed Q3, with the Axion project continuing to develop at a rapid pace. The team focused inward, pouring energy and attention into the project and its tokenomics, with careful detail being given to the parts of the ecosystem that needed to be refactored. In this presentation you'll find a recap of the Q3 project efforts, as well as a breakdown of the social media statistics, the community engagement survey results, the September marketing budget, and some Q4 plans. For all you Axionauts who love digging into the project, this presentation is for you!

As always, reach out to the development team on our Discord, Telegram, or via the Axion Support Page if you have any questions.

To download a PDF version of this presentation, click here.