You are a pioneer. A trailblazer. You embrace the unknown, arrive first at your destination. You are the OG. And now we have an NFT for you. The OG-POLYGON NFT is Axion's first Utility-Class NFT as a part of the future Axion NFT Ecosystem, coming in part thanks to the migration to Polygon. Find out about this exciting NFT here.

You are a pioneer.

You are a trailblazer.

You embrace the unknown.

You are the first to arrive.

You are the OG.

Now you can Pioneer the Future.

Axion OG-POLYGON NFT Artwork

The Exclusive 500-mint NFT.


Type: Utility
Rarity: Semi-Rare
Status: Transferrable, Sellable
Network: Polygon
Function: OG Benefits
Amount Minted: 500

Description: Shares many of the benefits of the OG-5555 NFT. Exclusive Discord channel for other OG-Polys.  Axion Launch bonus allocation. First to access upcoming Axion NFT Store + additional unannounced functionality. 

Custom artwork by community member Dyey#7248

A new round of OGs for a new chain.

Miss out on the OG-5555 NFT? Here's your chance to get in with another round of Axion enthusiasts! There's massive bragging rights for those who were the first to stake 5555, and now there's a whole new round available for those to be the first to participate on Axion's new home network on Polygon! This exclusive NFT will unlock a private OG-POLY channel on Discord, allowing you and 500 other Axionauts to talk strategy, post memes, and have access to the Dev team in a private hangout channel.

How does it work? When Discord detects the OG-POLYGON NFT in your connected wallet, you will automatically get the OG-POLY tag and color applied to your account, which also grants you access to the exclusive group. If you sell or trade this NFT, the tag will be removed. You will need to be a part of the Axion Discord with a registered wallet in order to get this perk.

Does this NFT unlock any other functionality? Axion Launch is a huge part of the future of Axion. In previous Launches, the OG-5555 NFT holders received the largest bonus allocation for all IEOs, Presales, IDOs, and Airdrops. This will continue with future Launches, with the OG-5555 NFT getting the largest bonus, but the OG-POLYGON NFT holders will be right behind them, unlocking the second most lucrative bonus / allocation. The OG-POLYGON NFT holders will also get first dibs on the upcoming Axion NFT Store. The presence of this NFT will unlock the NFT Store early, allowing you to purchase future NFTs before they're released to the rest of the community. Additional unannounced functionality may be added, though Axion does not guarantee any future functionality with this NFT. 

Can I sell or trade this NFT on OpenSea? Absolutely. This NFT is fully transferrable or sellable, so if you don't want this NFT you can trade it with another person or sell it on the open marketplace for a price of your choosing.

What if I already have the OG-5555 NFT? You're the OG of the OGs! You can absolutely get the OG-POLYGON NFT to add to your collection and get access to the OG-POLY group on Discord. When it comes to Axion Launch, though, you already have the max bonus allowed, and these NFTs do not stack bonuses.

Do I have to have the OG-POLYGON NFT to be a part of the Axion community? Nope. The World's Best Staking Ecosystem is open to anyone, anytime.

Do I have to have a discord account to get this NFT? In order to take advantage of the discord-exclusive perks, you will have to have a discord account, be a part of the Axion discord server, and have your wallet registered. It's easy to do, though! If you need help, our support team can assist you. But you do not need to have a discord account to have or utilize the other features of this NFT.  

Will there be more NFTs? In addition to the Supernova NFT, there will be more NFTs available when the Axion NFT Ecosystem launches later this quarter.

How to get the OG-POLYGON NFT

Once the project is live on Polygon, the first 500 buyers into the Accelerator meeting the following criteria will be given the OG-POLYGON NFT.

You must:

  1. Bid in the Axion Accelerator on Polygon (any accepted tokens)

  2. Bid at least $250 minimum, valued at the time of transaction

  3. Stake for a minimum of 350 days

Only one NFT per wallet. Want to collect more than one? Bid with a different wallet address.

The OG-POLYGON NFTs will sent out in batches of 100 or every 3 days, whichever comes first. The NFTs will be visible on OpenSea and in the future Axion NFT Collection showcase as a part of the Staking Portal.

NFT Ecosystem, coming soon.

Axion's NFT Ecosystem will be launching on the Polygon network, including the ability to mint unique NFTs based on your stakes. The NFT Ecosystem will include Visual NFTs, Utility NFTs and more that will accentuate your Axion staking experience.

It'll all launch on the upcoming Axion NFT store, with the proceeds going to support the ongoing development of Axion. 

Pricing, availability, and rarity to be confirmed when the Axion NFT Collection launches sometime in Q4 2021.

Claim your part of history with the

available to the first 500 Accelerator buyers only!