2022 Update

03 February 2022

Just a small update on a few of the things we are currently working on.
There's plenty in store for Axion over the next few months!

- We have our next Axion Launch now confirmed
We will be officially announcing it early next week, followed by Discord and YouTube AMAs with their team.

Teaser - This is a huge project, which is already fairly established in terms of its ecosystem. Their mobile app already has over 1,000,000 downloads on Android alone. They are about to launch their token, and Axion stakers will get a chance to buy it at half the launch price! KYC will be required for this launch, and it will be available to users worldwide, including the US.

- KYC Updates
Thanks to our partnership with Sekuritance, we are now in the process of fully integrating KYC into our staking platform. This is for Axion Launch only and doesn't affect investors who are just buying or staking Axion. But as some presales/IDOs etc require KYC checks to be done, we will be implementing a fairly smooth process for users to onboard.

The staking portal will instantly tell you your KYC Status based on your wallet address. If it is not known to Sekuritance, you will be shown a link to securely submit your details on their portal. Once you have passed the checks, you will get the green light to apply for launches that require KYC.

Don't worry if you are not happy with doing KYC, the great thing about this partnership is that Axion will only ever know your wallet address, and never your KYC details. So people can still stay anonymous to Axion, and Sekuritance will keep your data very secure.

An announcement will be made as soon as this is ready, so you can all apply in time for the aforementioned launch.

- NFT Stake Minting
Our procedurally generated Galaxy stakes are on the way still, but have been held up a little. These NFTs will allow users to transfer stakes between wallets, or sell their stakes on OpenSea.

Selling of stakes will incur a small penalty, which will of course be instantly burned, adding to our deflationary strategies. We will have news for you on those soon!

- Website refresh
Yes, we have had several in the past, each revision getting gradually better and better. But it's that time again, and we are having a major overhaul of the main landing page.

This time it's really being given a premium look, and aims to show off our ecosystem as clearly as possible to new investors. Small preview below:

- YouTube video Tutorial series
I am personally in the process of planning and recording a series of 9 tutorial videos to cover most aspects of the Axion Ecosystem, in order to help onboard new investors.

Based on the success of the Ledger Tutorial video (109k views!), we will also have a video covering 'How to stay safe in Crypto', which will be targeted the crypto space as a whole. This may in turn bring plenty of new eyes onto Axion.

- Lots of new Marketing being planned
We are planning various campaigns to launch once the website and video series are live. We obviously need to bring new eyes on to our project, but we might as well spend the marketing budget as wisely as possible.

As my role has expanded into a few too many different things, we may also be looking to hire a full-time dedicated Marketing Director, more info to follow!

- Axion Launch focus
We will be focusing a lot more on the launchpad moving forward, growing it out to be one of the largest and most successful launchpads. We will aim for two launches a month. This will not only bring lots of new investors into Axion but also give plenty of excellent opportunities to our current stakers.

- Community Voting
We have got the SnapshotDAO voting system back up and running on Polygon, and will be having our first votes soon!

- Tokenomic Changes
As discussed in the previous Townhall, there are various changes we would like to make, from adjusting the Accelerator percentages, to bringing in a small sell tax/burn fee, which will drastically increase our deflationary measures. These will all be voted on through the new voting system, rather than discord.

- CEX Listings
We are still working towards getting our first CEX listing. It will happen!

- Fiat Onramp
We are still in talks with various providers to get a Fiat Onramp on both the website and staking platform.

- And lots, lots more!!
There are many things I haven't included here, but that's a snapshot of some of the things we are working on currently. I know it can be hard to stomach the price at the moment, especially if you invested at the top, but rest assured, Axion has a very bright future.

Please do what you can to help out, take part in the Discord-based #twitter-raids-🚨 and help promote Axion on social media etc!