Polygon Migration now complete!

19 October 2021

Axions migration from Ethereum to the Polygon network is now complete! 

Our previous contract address on Ethereum was 0x71f85b2e46976bd21302b64329868fd15eb0d127,  this contract is now permanently paused.

Our new contract address on Polygon is 0x839f1a22a59eaaf26c85958712ab32f80fea23d9, and you can see the contract on PolygonScan here.


What do users need to do?

For all users who had stakes, your staked AXN has been automatically migrated to the Polygon network. Simply connect your wallet to our staking platform, and you should see your stakes on the stake page! 

Anyone who had liquid (not staked) AXN in their wallet, will have been airdropped the new AXN token on polygon automatically.  You can check this by going to Polygonscan and entering your wallet address, and you will see your tokens and their value!  

In order to see your AXN in your MetaMask wallet, you will need to add the token contract to your tokens. Simply visit our staking platform, and at the bottom left you will see a button titled Add AXN to MetaMask. Click that, and you will see your liquid tokens! 


How do we buy and sell AXN now? 

Before on Ethereum, users traded Axion on Uniswap.  Now we have migrated to Polygon, you can buy and sell Axion on something very similar, called SushiSwap.  Click here to visit, and buy more AXN!  Please note, we are NOT listed on QuickSwap. You can only trade AXN on SushiSwap.

Axion is also available to buy in our Accelerator, which gives you up to a 20% bonus on your purchase depending on how long you stake for.  Click here to read more about it!