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Axion: The Perfect Cryptocurrency to Compliment a Financially Independent Lifestyle

14 May 2021

The freedom found through minimalist lifestyles, financed by cryptocurrency investments, is becoming more and more common amongst younger tech-savvy generations.


We have grown up in a time of financial instability and inequality, social ill-being, and the unpredictable impacts of climate change. But with recent social awakenings like the FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early) movement, more and more people are wanting to invest their incomes wisely. Living free from having to work long hours just to make ends meet by generating viable passive income is a dream most people have, but for many, it remains only a dream. Cryptocurrency’s flexible accessibility makes it one of many tools an investor can use to achieve financial independence.

Cryptocurrencies, by design, are decentralized, which means that no single entity like a government, bank, or organization can control them. This allows for cryptocurrencies to carry value as legitimate digital money while also being outside the influence of centralized institutions. Cryptocurrencies represent the next generational leap for finances and investments, as they are currencies that can be tracked, accessed, and spent anywhere in the world, so long as you can access the internet. Axion is unique within the cryptocurrency world in that it allows those who buy and stake their cryptocurrency to earn high interest throughout the lifetime of their stake in the form of regular bitcoin dividends and impressive APY, the perfect ingredients for financial independence. 

Axion is a new cryptocurrency that operates similarly to a bank Certificate of Deposit (CD)  account.  CDs, if you are unfamiliar with them, operate by taking your investment and putting it away for a set period of time. The bank uses your money in its business, and as a reward, you get paid a small interest percentage upon the return of your investment. CD terms can be anywhere from a couple of months to a couple of years, with larger interest rates being given for longer durations. Even with longer terms, though, CD rates are laughably small, with some of the top banks only offering 0.75% interest for a 2-year term according to Bankrate.com. The unfortunate reality is that these banks will use your financial investment and earn much higher returns using your money, but only pay you a fraction of a percent for the privilege of using your investment. Thus, traditional CD’s are not a viable solution for passive income to support your minimalist lifestyle.

This is where Axion comes in. Axion is the cryptocurrency equivalent of a CD account with unique benefits and perks that only cryptocurrencies can offer. Just like you would commit your money to a CD account for a set duration, the process by which you commit your Axion for a set duration is called “staking.” When you stake your Axion for the term length of your choice (between 1 day and 5555 days, or 15 years), your Axion gets converted into shares, which immediately start gaining interest the moment they are staked. With Bitcoin dividends being paid out weekly, proportional to the number of shares you hold, your passive income generation starts as well. 

Axion’s tokenomics are unique in that they greatly benefit those who stake for longer periods of time. Simply put, Longer Pays Better. Axion incentivizes its investors  to stake their Axion tokens for much longer than other cryptocurrencies, which brings more stability and growth potential to the value of the Axion token altogether. The more Axion that is locked away gaining interest and dividends for its investors, the less liquid supply of Axion that is on the market. And with less Axion on the market, simple laws of supply and demand dictate that the price will go up as the supply goes down. With over 75% of Axion tokens currently staked and gaining interest, new investors can feel confident in the long-term sustainability and growth potential of Axion. Buying Axion and staking for multi-year terms allows your investment to grow while the cryptocurrency market gains more and more legitimacy and traction in the global marketplace. While more and more major companies are adopting cryptocurrencies as a valid form of payment at retail locations, your investment is growing and earning you passive income. When your stake ends, you can withdraw your Axion from the staking platform and use it wherever cryptocurrencies are allowed. 

A 2020 survey by the HBS shows that 36% of small businesses in the U.S. accept bitcoin as a valid form of payment. Here are a few major companies that accept bitcoin: Wikipedia, Microsoft, AT&T, Burger King, KFC, Overstock, Subway, Twitch, Pizza Hut, Miami Dolphins, Dallas Mavericks, Virgin Galactic, Norwegian Air, Namecheap, CheapAir, Gyft, NewEgg, The Internet Archive,  Amazon (with the use of Purse.io), and more. Apple allows the purchase of its products with cryptocurrency if the customer uses a BitPay card, which works like a live cryptocurrency debit card. Some physical retail locations also have Bitcoin ATMs installed. It’s unquestionable that it’s only a matter of time before almost all retail locations accept cryptocurrency payments one way or another. Why not let your crypto investment grow with Axion while you wait for widespread adoption? 

Axion is a cryptocurrency that has built-in stability mechanisms and offers liquid bitcoin dividends to those who choose to stake their Axion tokens long-term. With new offerings of debit and credit cards that allow the spending of cryptocurrencies in any establishment that accepts Visa/Mastercard, Building your cryptocurrency portfolio and having it available to spend has never been easier. If you purchase Axion and stake long-term to receive the most shares, you will begin to liberate yourself from the limitations of fiat currency, earn a passive income, and prepare for a future where digital, decentralized currency replaces cash as king.

Start your Axion investment journey today at https://axion.network/welcometoaxion 

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