Connect Financial

17 December 2020

Connect Financial, the company that is offering the Axion VISA integrated Worldwide Credit Cards kicked off with an EXCLUSIVE presale to Axion OG-5555 stakers at a significant discount to all other presale participants.

Axion will be one of the very limited number of currencies available on the Connect VISA card. This means that people around the world will be able to collateralize their card with AXN, effectively removing AXN from the circulating supply.

This presale was offered to OG-5555 NFT holders at a 25% discount to the rest of ALL presale purchases, at a valuation of $4.5 Million ($0.075 per token).

Public sale was sold at $6M valuation ($0.10 per token)

There was no lockup period. Listing went live on Uniswap, December 23rd, 2020.

$CNFI Price Performance since Axion’s Presale ($0.075 per token): - All Time High of $1.764 = 2352% Gain -- Market Cap: $44,100,000

- Current Valuation of $0.384 = 515% Gain -- Market Cap: $9,615,680.02

In comparison - has a marketcap of $1.5 Billion, - Nexo has a marketcap of $400 Million.

Neither are full-scale credit cards, nor globally usable. Connect is.

In addition to the presale, Axion OG-5555 NFT holders are eligible to receive a Connect card tier upgrade at a 50% discount. Example: By staking 50,000 CNFI on their platform, our NFT holders would receive the benefits of the Platinum tier card (Platinum tier requires 100,000 CNFI staked for users without the Axion OG-5555 NFT)

This card will be metal with embossed details (such as the AXN logo). All OG-5555 members are eligible for the metal Axion card regardless of their CNFI tier.

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