01 June 2021

Sekuritance is a unique regulatory technology platform that provides a single place from which it is possible to run numerous regulatory screening solutions, secure data tokenization, transaction monitoring, personal and business identification and verification, fraud monitoring and other unique programs.

The company has its native cryptocurrency called the SKRT token, which is a new cryptocurrency for enterprise-class regulatory technology compliance, security and more. It is a utility token that leverages the consensus-driven blockchain’s permanent immutable nature for the purpose of underpinning a new independent digital economy. This new mechanism enables vault queries, checks, transaction monitoring and other activities referenced in the blockchain in order to ensure auditability.

Meanwhile, the project offers unique services that bring compliance services, fraud and transaction monitoring, and Anti-Money Laundering verification services all under one roof. In its essence, SKRT is blockchain agnostic, meaning that it can be on public protocols like Ethereum and even Bitcoin, as well as on private, permission protocols like Hyperledger. SKRT tokens will be able to shift if better blockchains emerge in the future and become able to satisfy enterprise and consumer security applications simultaneously thanks to its various layer-two added functionality and value.

With this partnership, Axion and its future launch partners will reap the benefits of Sekuritance's in-depth knowledge of KYC and regulations that bring cryptocurrency to the real world. Axion's max stakers will be able to streamline their KYC for all future Axion Launch partners, saving the community valuable time and money. 


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