Event: Your Shares, Your Voice!

17 April 2021

This event would last for 30 Calendar Days. ANY new stakes or re-stakes would receive a 6% bonus of AXN added to the principal of their stake (for stakes over 350 days). Each additional 350 days would add an additional 1%, for a total of 20% for Max Share Stakers. This extra AXN is staked along with your principal, giving you more shares.


350 day stake would get a 6% bonus. 10m AXN would become 10.6m AXN.

700 day stake would get a 7% bonus. 10m AXN would become 10.7m AXN.

3500 day stake would get a 14% bonus. 10m AXN would become 11.4m AXN.

5555 day stake would get the full 20% bonus. 10m AXN would become 12m AXN.


You can start here, but please take the time to read the full details here https://www.punkynomics.com/blog/your-shares-your-voice-event before voting.

This event is tailored to reduce selling, increase wallet count, educate on voting and expand Axion beyond Discord and into the rest of the crypto sphere.

It will play an important role in boosting adoption at a crucial moment in the bull market.

In our desired scenario, we would add 1-4% inflation to the shares, resulting in the DEFLATION of 250BN Tokens over 15 Years. As this is a proportional event, the only potential downside is that it does not get used (if zero stakers use the bonus, no tokens will be minted). Any use of this promotion directly removes liquid axion from the market, and as long as 2% of the users stake Max, it is net deflationary.

It Accelerates Share Dilution/Deflation in the short term but adds ZERO to the long term plan, and significant upside in net buying pressure.

As this is a proportional event, these are the two extreme scenarios to be considered: If it doesn’t get used, no recycler behaviour changes. If it DOES get used, it proportionally locks our habitual recyclers from the 60-day cycle and ONTO a 1-year cycle. When they then recycle again, we will have 10X the wallets


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