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Axion. More than a staking token. We're a staking ECOSYSTEM.

We are not your average CD token. We’re building an ecosystem that favors long-term thinking. We built our community on regular fixed-rate growth and passive bitcoin income. Our ecosystem is built to reward stakers with unique features.

We’re making yield-farming look boring!

We're more than the next generation of crypto CD accounts. We're the future of staking. When you become a staker, you become a part of an ever-expanding ecosystem. Your community won't want to miss out.

Get a brief overview of the project with this introduction video.

What makes Axion stand out?

  1. Shares earn a fixed minimum of 8% APR in AXN, 15x the national average.

  2. Earn automatic liquid Bitcoin dividends which can be withdrawn and spent at any time, with no minimum term and length in order to participate.

  3. Get a bonus Axion Particles NFT that can be used in the Axion Collider for a chance to earn a bonus stake up to 10x the amount you purchased!

  4. Name your stakes, split them into percentages, and mint your stakes as NFTs with unique galaxy designs!

  5. Axion's deflationary measures freeze (commonly known as "burning") tokens every day by buying AXN off Uniswap and locking it away, preventing those tokens from re-entering supply.

  6. Participate in unique token IEOs, IDOs, Presales and Airdrops with Axion Launch, an innovative Launch platform bringing Axion's 20,000 wallets to projects wanting a long-term hold mentality.

  7. Vote on important policy changes with Axion's integrating Voting System, built straight into the Axion Portal. 

  8. With Axion on Polygon, Axion is covering all the fees to bid into the Axion Accelerator, meaning you can use 100% of your principal to invest instead of paying the fees on Ethereum!

And right now, we have over 163 billion AXN staked max, that’s 48.74% of the total supply or, at today’s numbers, a valuation of $9,275,553 locked away for the next 15 years. And yes, these numbers update in real-time.
Want to know more? Here's a visual breakdown of the Axion Ecosystem in a beautiful presentation, just for you.

Why is Axion special?

  1. People believe in Axion.

    Over 5500+ individual investors believe in the long-term viability of Axion so much that they’ve locked away their investment for the next 15 years. 20,000 wallets currently have active stakes. No other staking coin on the market has this kind of long-term staking behavior from its community.

  2. There’s finally a better metric than price.
    Most cryptocurrencies’ one-trick-pony is the hope of price appreciation. But in market uncertainty, price depreciation removes most of the utility of the token. Axion thrives in downswings, as it doesn’t solely rely on price as its single utility. The health of the token can be measured by more than just its price, which is unlike most other crypto projects. Why’s that?
  3. It’s about the staking benefits.

    Axion offers so much more utility than other coins or yield-farming groups. With Axion, you get the benefits of high, constant APY, liquid bitcoin dividends, Axion Launches, integrated voting system, NFT shares, a dedicated support base, and more which all continue to work even in market downturns. Even with the recent market volatility, our accelerator continues to function, generating daily bitcoin dividends and token burns.

  4. ...all powered by an ever-developing ecosystem

    Axion’s core revolves around pioneering what it means to be an investment platform on the blockchain. This means that Axion strives to build its tokenomics and unite its community around ethical principles that benefit everyone who joins Axion, regardless of when they enter. With its utility and transparency, the last person to purchase Axion still gets to benefit from its ecosystem just as much as the first, and no single person or group gets to benefit disproportionately from the rest. We all get to grow our investments together.

This is Axion.





Total Amount
Staked (254b)


Total Amount Staked
for 15 years (163b)


Bitcoin Paid
to Stakers


Number of
Active Wallets

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