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Axion announces BAT token support

Axion Events Team
20 August 2021
Use BAT Brave Browser to stake AXN

Axion is launching full support of the Brave Browser's BAT token within the Axion ecosystem. Now, users of the privacy-focused browser who earn rewards when browsing will now be able to use their BAT to buy and automatically stake AXN. With Axion's 8% minimum APY (up to 36% on Max Stakes!) plus liquid Bitcoin dividends, curated token launches, integrated voting system, and more, the Brave community can now find a great place to earn passive income with great perks.

BAT can now be staked at the new Brave Staking Page, though a user must have ETH in their wallet to perform the transaction. To celebrate this special event, there's also a limited 7% discount over Uniswap price via the Axion auctions, available at the Axion Auction Portal.

There's never been a better time to invest in the Axion ecosystem and secure your stake, now using BAT or ETH!