New website launched

31 May 2021
@everyone @here
Hey everyone! It is with great pleasure and excitement that I’d like to announce the new Axion website, going live right now! This website is the culmination of months of work between every part of Axion; the Devs, the Mods, the Marketing Team, the Core Team, our SEO partner, and our amazing Axion community. This new website is designed to showcase what Axion truly is about, displaying the core and essence of what Axion is to the world. This is the first iteration of our website, we’ll be constantly evolving and changing the site as time goes on.

Axion is special, it’s not like any other cryptocurrency out there. This presents a challenge in educating people on why Axion is unique. We want to showcase the highlights of Axion, while also providing avenues for more knowledge and information for people who want to dive deeper. So along with this website, our incredible Knowledge Base is also going live, where you’ll find a huge collection of articles, tutorials, and general FAQs about Axion through our new Axion Support page. Getting access to our extensive articles and receiving support from our incredible Support Team is now only a blue “Help” button away.

This is a huge and exciting step forward, as this new website and knowledge base finally gives us the foundation to build an entire marketing campaign around. Now, we can really let Axion shine. This is the first of many exciting announcements to come, so buckle your seatbelts!

I believe Axion truly is the #betterwaytocrypto. And now with this site, we’ll show everyone else how to believe, too. :AxionHeart: