Axion. The World's Best Staking Ecosystem is here.

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It’s time for the evolution of the Axion auction system. It’s time to upgrade the auctions with a new system that fits into the ethos of Axion. It’s time… for the Axion Accelerator. The world's best staking ecosystem is here. A huge ecosystem, unlocked by staking. Earn up to 47% APR in AXN + daily bitcoin rewards you can spend any time. Accelerate your crypto with the Axion Accelerator and get in while the daily bonus lasts! You'll...

VoskCoin video review

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Check out this new video from VoskCoin covering Axion!  Latest Articles
Axion Summer Giveaway Win $1000 or Ledger Nano S

Axion Summer Giveaway Event Recap

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Axion Summer Giveaway wraps up! Axion's Summer Giveaway was a huge success, with $1,000 in USDT, 12.5M Axion, and 62 Ledger Nano S hardware wallets given away as a part of the event. Over 1.12 Billion Axion was cumulatively purchased, with over half of it staked for a year minimum.  We were delighted to see new members join the Axion Discord and Telegram, having heard about the Summer Giveaway event through our extensive marketing campaign t...

Vabble Airdrop

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After a very successful Axion Launch Presale and IDO for our friends at Vabble, we are excited to announce that the form for the Airdrop is now open! There are 5,250,000 $VAB tokens up for grabs, that's over $147,000 at the current price. To get a share of that, users need to buy at least 1M AXN and stake it for 350 days or more and buy $100 or more of $VAB. You have until the 17th to complete these tasks and apply to the airdrop form. App...
axion marketing update with social community budget presentation

Axion July Marketing Update

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Here is the first of the Axion Monthly Community Marketing updates! This comprehensive presentation includes updates from the team, a breakdown of the social media statistics and website / ad analytics, a recap of the July budget spend, and results from the comprehensive Q2 user survey. These marketing reports are important for the community to be able to analyze and identify the key strengths and weaknesses of the team's marketing efforts. As...