Axion has migrated to the Polygon Network! Find out how to buy AXN by clicking here.

Polygon Migration

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Ethereum has been a fantastic foundation to built the Axion project. When Axion first started, interacting with Axion was incredibly cheap, allowing anyone to get into the Axion ecosystem. With the explosive growth in ETH, both in price and congestion of the network, it is now cost-prohibitive for nearly all transactions to be performed on the network.  Even with Axion v3, a completely new code framework exclusive to Axion that eclipses every...

Which token would you like to see added to the Accelerator next?

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It's been just over two weeks since the Accelerator launched, and we have seen an impressive amount of tokens spent in exchange for AXN so far. During that time, we have burned 1.65BN AXN (Around $147,000 at today's price), and distributed just over TWO BTC to our stakers (just under $100,000). Not sure what the accelerator i...
axion august marketing and social media update

Axion August Marketing Update

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Check out the monthly Axion Marketing community update, featuring words from the team, this month's social media statistics, a recap of the August budget expenditures, results from the August user survey, and a breakdown of the Brave Browser homepage takeover! These marketing reports are important for the community to be able to analyze and identify the key strengths and weaknesses of the team's marketing efforts. As always, feel free to reach...

Win $5,000 USDC in the new Accelerator!

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To kick off the accelerator, we're giving away a $5,000 prize to one lucky wallet holder! The Accelerator is a new way for users to purchase $AXN at a great discount (up to 28.4% cheaper than Uniswap!) and stake their AXN all in a single transaction.  This saves up to 42% in-network transaction fees, compared to buying and staking separately or entering our old Auction system. It also accepts six currencies,  ETH, USDC, DAI, wBTC, BAT & ...


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It’s time for the evolution of the Axion auction system. It’s time to upgrade the auctions with a new system that fits into the ethos of Axion. It’s time… for the Axion Accelerator. NOW LIVE Launched September 1st 2021 The future of staking is here. Up to 47% APY in AXN + daily bitcoin dividends you can spend any time. Accelerate your crypto with the Axion Accelerator and get in while the accelerator bonus lasts! ...