Axion has migrated to the Polygon Network! Find out how to buy AXN by clicking here.

Axion Supernova NFT

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The SUPERNOVA NFT is here, and it's just the tip of the iceberg for Axion's NFT plans and how it will play a pivotal role in the World's Best Staking Ecosystem. Harness the power of a Supernova with Axion's new NFT featuring some fun perks! The Supernova NFT enables a unique visual experience on Axion's Staking Portal, along with a dedicated Supernova tag on the Axion discord. There are two ways to acquire the Supernova NFT, find all the detai...
Axion and Nia Tolliver presents livestream, audit report and AMA

Introducing Nia Tolliver and Initial Audit Results Livestream

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This week’s live stream features an exclusive interview with Nia Tolliver, a US Rugby Olympian, and Axion’s first Brand Ambassador. We’ll also be announcing the results of the Your Axion Story, Better Way to Crypto, and Q2 User Survey winners, along with a quick look at the initial Halborn audit report.

Chain Migration AMA Live Stream

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Axion's announcement that we're moving to Polygon has been incredibly well received, both inside our community and out! Today we're answering all your questions, including updates on timing, exciting new features and more.

Important - Calling all liquidity providers

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In order to facilitate the move to Polygon and the launch of Axion V3, we will require everyone to remove their liquidity positions on Uniswap. Users have 7 days to do this, or they risk losing their AXN/ETH as they will no longer be able to sell their LP Tokens back to Uniswap. If you are not sure what an LP Token is, or what Liquidity Provider means, then this announcement does not concern you. Regular Axion holders and stakers do not need ...

For the next few weeks until migration, the Axion Accelerator now accepts HEX!

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While Axion is still on the Ethereum network, we’re opening our doors to the Hex community to help them get in on the Axion ecosystem before we transition over.   Axion has huge growth potential, perfect for welcoming the amazing Hex community who want to use their earned HEX to grow their crypto portfolio.   In our survey asking Axion users which token they wanted to add, HEX won the majority vote.   Visit the Accelerator now to get u...