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Airdrop & Fundraiser
June 08, 2021
Airdrop value:
Fundraiser value:
500000 AXN Staked Max

Direwolf Token looks to differentiate itself from the pack by committing 10% from their marketing budget, through community vote, to a charity each full moon cycle!


To start this partnership, Direwolf is distributing $160K evenly among all wallets with a Max Stake higher than 500,000 Axion. They will also be counting on the Axion network to raise funds for the Southern Ohio Wolf Sanctuary, by selling $50,000 worth of discounted Direwolf Tokens (vested for 1 full moon cycle) to max stakers and OG-5555 token holders.





  • There will be a fundraiser to raise $50,000 for the Southern Ohio Wolf Sanctuary

  • This will be in the form of selling discounted Direwolf tokens to Max Stakers.

  • 10% discount for Max Stakers / 20% Discount for OG-5555 NFT holders.

  • This is limited to $500 per wallet, on a first-come, first-serve basis.

  • Tokens purchased in the fundraiser are vested until the Full Moon on July 24th.



  • Direwolf will be airdropping $160k worth of their token equally amongst qualifying Max Share stakers. (Roughly $35 per wallet at current numbers)

  • To qualify, you need a 5555 stake of over 500,000 AXN, and will need to share social posts for both Axion and Direwolf about the event, then fill a google form.





Axion and Direwolf are partnering for real change in the world! To this partnership, Axion brings our community, built around the concept of Ethical Finance and long-term growth, with an integrated DAO system and a track record of giving from the community already totaling over 600,000 trees through the Eden Project. Our community is always working towards investing our nearly $5MM worth of BTC over the last 10 weeks into projects that effect change.


This launch agreement will begin June 9th with and will extend for 3 months, with an option to extend in 3-month increments. The goal is to help pull the vibrant Direwolf community away from the pack of dog meme tokens and into a leadership position of charitable investments.


DireWolf Token at core believes in, Rising by Lifting others around us, one DireWolfPack at a time.



About Direwolf

Direwolf is a new token, born to break through the meme token explosion this year in crypto. With unique tokenomics, a massive token burn, and a community that voted to give half of the Marketing budget back to their community to reward long-term community growth and positioning DireWolf as the leader in charitable donations throughout the noisy world of Cryptocurrencies. Encouraging others to initiate community-building initiatives fostering robust growth for all.

Direwolf is looking to pull further from the pack with legendary charitable giving. For this event, Axion Max Stakers can purchase up to $250 per wallet of Direwolf at a 10% Discount, 20% discount with OG-5555 NFT.


Axion currently has over 4,500 wallets holding max stakes (15.22 years), and an engaged, active community that has received over $5MM in liquid dividends in 10 weeks.


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