Axion has always been growing and developing, as shown by this development roadmap.

There has been a substantial amount of progress within Axion’s ecosystem over the last year, and this is just the beginning. With over 20,000+ individual wallets as a part of the Axion ecosystem, it is clear that both Axion’s community-sourced development team and the Axion community as a whole believe that Axion is here to stay.

Here's a breakdown of all the development work that has gone on within Axion since its launch in November of 2020.


The Path Forward

Centralized Exchange (CEX) listings.

Getting Axion listed on top-rated exchanges to increase userbase.

Axion Incubator

Building a standalone token incubator with direct and indirect ties to the Axion community, providing new ways of growing investors' exposure and increasing ROI opportunities

Additional ongoing Axion Launch partnerships.

Axion Launch pairs our unique ecosystem of long-term stakers with new tokens grounded in ethical finance. With Axion Launch, Max Stakers get to enjoy the exclusive benefits of curated launches perfect for our community

NFT Stake minting

Mint your stakes as NFTs featuring incredible dynamically-generated artwork based on the unique attributes of your stake!

Adding additional languages to the Staking Platform

Getting professionally translated additional languages added to the Staking Platform for easier global adoption

Q4 2021

LUXY Launch partnership

Axion community successfully launched, a next-generation NFT marketplace with a $100,000 IDO.

Diamond Stake NFT & Auto-minter launched

The Axion Diamond Stake event kicked off the development & deployment of the Auto-Minter, allowing qualifying events to automatically generate NFTs and send them to a user's wallet.

Axion NFT Collection launched on

The beginning of the Axion NFT ecosystem is here, now on OpenSea using the Polygon network!

OG-POLYGON NFTs delivered to all buyers

The first 500 OGs of the Polygon network were sent out their NFTs, giving them exclusive OG benefits and a unique Discord flair!

Axion Supernova NFT minted

Harness the power of the sun with Axion's exclusive 40-mint NFT, given to the last 40 biddes of the Accelerator on Ethereum.

Use wBTC divs in the Accelerator

You don't have to withdraw your wBTC divs to reinvest in Axion! This checkbox will use your wBTC balance in the Accelerator without withdrawing.

Stake splitting

Now you can divide your stake by a percentage split, keeping the same term length but allowing you to upgrade or early unstake your splits as you desire.

Stake naming

Now users can name their stakes with the stake name being immortalized forever on the blockchain.

Voting system improvements

Now you can vote on important Axion policy changes and features straight within the staking portal.

Axion v3 contract launched!

The most powerful and efficient staking code on the market has now launched! Users can now enjoy powerful features and incredibly cheap gas fees.

Accelerator promo video ads created for advertising network

Exciting and hype-worthy videos produced to promote Axion to the masses!

Axion launch on Polygon

Bringing the entire Axion ecosystem over to the Polygon Network chain.

Axion v3 code audited completed

Halborns team of industry-leading auditing technicians combed over all of the Smart Contract, checked for exploits or backdoors, performed logic checks on all operations, and evaluated the health of the code.

September, 2021

Axion Advisory Council logo

HEX added to the Axion Accelerator

Now investors from the first-ever Crypto CD can now use their HEX token to bid into Axion's Accelerator.

Polygon Chain Migration Announced

Axion announces that it is moving to the Polygon Network, an exciting move towards Axion's future as the World's Best Staking Ecosystem.

Axion v3 code audit started

Halborn, one of the top auditing firms in the world, is performing a complete and thorough audit on the Axion v3 smart contracts.

Axion Advisory Council logo

Axion Advisory Council established

The Axion Advisory council, a diverse group of advisors from all around the world, joins together to provide oversight, feedback, and direction to the Axion team.
the axion accelerator is now live

added to Axion ecosystem

Now users can buy & stake AXN with 5 additional cryptos without needing to convert to ETH.
the axion accelerator is now live

Axion Accelerator launches!

The future of staking is here! The Accelerator features a single buy & stake transaction, a fancy new UI, and more accepted tokens.

August, 2021

Single auction type + Auction Buyback & Burn deflationary measures

After extensive data analytics and simulations, the team removed the AXN bonus distribution system, replacing it with a buyback & burn system, where all AXN bought back on Uniswap gets removed from circulation forever, thus implementing a deflationary measure to the ecosystem.

BAT now available in the Axion Ecosystem

Axion announces its first token after ETH thanks to an exciting partnership with Brave browser

Axion Liquidity Pool Mining completes

Brave Browser running Axion

Brave Browser homepage takeover

On August 20th, Axion took over the global Brave Browser homepage to promote the project

Axion Testing Initiative launch

A series of 2-week testing Initiatives brought isolated changes to test variables in Axion's complex ecosystem.

axion summer giveaway event logo

Axion Summer Giveaway

62 Ledger Nanos were given away (2 per day!) as a part of a summer Uniswap buy initiative.

Launch of Vesting Engine for redeeming launches.

This in-house designed Vesting Engine allows launch partners to preload tokens that will be distributed at specific intervals to participating wallets.

HTML5 ads distributed across advertising network

Dynamic, animated HTML5 ads were created and launched with our partner Semetrix

Interactive Roadmap now live

This is the page you're looking at!

June, 2021

Website v3 launch with multi-lingual support.

Over 19 languages now supported on the main website

Development began on the Vesting Engine for Axion Launch.

Creating a new vesting engine that will automatically distribute token launches to whitelisted wallets.

Brave Browser push notification campaign begins.

Creating and launching an ad network on the Brave Browser

Semetrix Digital

Semetrix Digital onboarded for programmatic ad campaigns.

Axion v3 testing contract launched to Ropsten test network.

90% of Axion v3 code completed.

Community town halls performed discussing Axion Foundation structure change

Axion Launch: Vabble presale, IEO, and airdrop.

Axion Launch: Direwolf airdrop and fundraiser.

New in-house HTML5 ad designer onboarded.

New Marketing Strategist and Analyst onboarded.

Social Media manager onboarded.

Marketing team strategic adjustment.

New and updated Axion Foundation revenue model developed.

Founder update & AMA.

Additional UI updates for the Axion Staking Platform.

New code implementation for auctions developed, tested, and launched.

May, 2021

Comprehensive Knowledge Base launched.

New v2 website homepage launched.

1 year anniversary of Axion initial presale.

Additional wallet support added to Axion — over 70+ wallets supported.

Sekuritance logo

Axion Launch: Additional Sekuritance allocation.

Sleepy Sloth token logo

Axion Launch: Sleepy Sloth Finance token airdrop.

Axion V3

Axion v3 announced to the community.

One hundred billion AXN tokens staked for over 15 years from over 7,000 individual stakers.

Milestone: One hundred billion (100,000,000,000) AXN tokens staked for over 15 years from over 7,000 individual stakers.

Additional Axion Launch partnerships formulated.

Intercom support chat system launched on Staking Portal and website homepage.

April, 2021

Sekuritance logo

Partnership with Sekuritance for Axion Launch and KYC integration for future Launches.

Axion Launch release featuring curated launches to the Axion community.

Social Media ad pushes & additional marketing continues.

Development team begins work on Axion v3.

A comprehensive overhaul of the entire Axion contract, written from the ground up by the internal development team.

V1 of Shares-based DAO voting system implemented.

Additional team onboardings and strategic restructuring.

March, 2021

Intercom platform purchased and work on comprehensive knowledge base begins.

Dev team re-organization and new onboarding of additional developers.

Largescale AMAs with the Axion team performed across all social and community platforms.

Complete overhaul and new design to the Axion staking & auction platform UI.

Venture Auction codebase successfully audited.

SEO firm onboarded.

Max Shares event completed with over 70 billion AXN staked for Max Shares (15 years / 5555 days).

New comprehensive whitepaper published

Featuring full tokenomics, mathematical analysis, strategic marketing roadmap and use-case scenarios released.

Axion Branding Guide released.

Creative director onboarded.

February, 2021

Marketing plan and strategy released for community and leadership feedback.

Freelance graphic and multimedia designer onboarded.

$80,000 USD gas compensation event for stakes.

Token economic simulations underway via in-house mathematicians.

VCA codebase completed. VCA testing begins.

Axion logo redesign.

5555 “Max Shares” stake & re-stake event initiation.

January, 2021

Continued team onboardings.

Consistent Axion moderation team meetings performed to discuss customer satisfaction and track community happiness.

New auction implementations implemented.

New mathematical tokenomics and economic model built.

Adjustments to the Share Rate initiated.

Initial Website redesign begun.

Venture Auction coding developed and tested.

Initial gas optimization changes to the code developed.

Liquidity Amplifier developed.

December, 2020

Large 5-page update on the auction economics released to community

Dev contracts approved.

Initial pre-DAO voting system implemented on Discord.

Strategic proposals presented for community discussion (VCA).

Initial evaluation and redesign of Axion’s branding.

Team multisignature wallet creation to ensure multiple validation points needed for contract upgrades / changes.

Axion Today initial partnership to provide platform for community updates.

Information and APIs provided to large cryptocurrency tracking websites.

Network upgrades planned with dev team.

Additional strategy discussions among prominent early investors.

Connect Financial partnership offered to OG-5555 NFT/members.

Additional moderator onboarding.

Significant marketing budget proposal presented for community feedback.

Internal communications finalized across team of 15+

November, 2020

NFTs created and distributed for specific member initiatives.

Internal company spend allocated to build foundation.

Initial marketing discussions between prominent community members.

Code overhaul and ownership changed from previous developers to internal development team.

Weekly open discussion meetings between prominent investors and community members to discuss the future.

Security & Strategy solutions implemented.

Developers, programmers, strategists, moderators, and additional core team members vetted and onboarded.

Re-launch initiated.

Community on-boarding campaign launched!